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Welcome! I’m Kathy cruz, Retail business coach

As a shopkeeper myself, I’ve learned that there are action-steps we can take during specific stages on our retail journeys.

Steps to move us forward. Steps to creating efficiency and improving profitability so we can grow.

Take my new quiz and find out which Shopkeeper Stage you’re in. You’ll get a helpful Savvy Shopkeeper roadmap with a list of helpful podcast episodes and two free resources for where YOU currently are on your journey.

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What Group Members & Clients are Saying

“I have had a few aha moments…knowing that others have the same questions, concerns, frustrations and learning from other’s experience and expertise.”
Charlotte Ehney
Master Shopkeepers Member
Southern Succotash
“…the knowledge that you gain will actually help your business to grow, your platform to grow (if you so choose), and your capital to grow. It’s a win-win!!”
Trez Baer
Master Shopkeepers Member
Elements of Home, Ohio
“A group of amazing friends and cheerleaders! Such a wonderful place in this group. Thanks, Kathy Cruz!!””
Amanda Herring
Master Shopkeepers Member
La Petite Maison Antiques
“Thank you so much for your insight today! I have so many concrete steps to take…”
Sara McElvain
1:1 Coaching Client
Barn Chic Boutique

Do you ask yourself,
“What should I post on
social media today?”


Coming up with ideas for social media each day can be challenging for shopkeepers. I get it!

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