10 Ways Retailers Can Take Advantage of National Craft Month in March

National Craft Month is March, and I want to help the retail store owner prepare for it. Even if you don’t sell craft supplies, many retailers can partake in this National Month.

Why Is National Craft Month Relevant To Retailers?

We can all look at National Craft Month as a movement.  Why?  Years ago, when I hosted workshops in my own store I would ask attendees what brought them in, many of them said they wanted to put their phones down so they could spend some time doing things they love….being creative!

So, as retailers, let’s take the time in March to offer all of our busy customers an opportunity to do something fun!

Even if you’re not a traditional craft store, don’t let that stop you. There are many ways you can take advantage of the opportunity to bring people and ideas together.


1) In-store displays. Take the time to craft something for your own store and make a display out of paper and scissors, or fabric and glue.

I recently made this yarn wall hanging out of a birch branch, twine, and yarn.  Oftentimes when I create crafty projects to display in our store, customers start asking us to teach it in a workshop.  See how that works- it’s a win-win! 

2)  Store-front window displays.  Impress potential customers with an amazing, fun, creative window display using craft supplies. 

3)  Host a creative workshop or co-host a craft party – even if you don’t regularly host workshops in your store, why not consider one for National Craft Month? You’ll surprise your customers and who knows, it could be a big hit!

4)  Social media. Create a poll and ask your followers what they enjoy creating during their free time. Did you know engagement on social media is the best way to get Facebook and Instagram to show your posts to more followers?  So go ahead and post those funny memes or questions to get your followers to interact with your posts.

5)  Co-host a giveaway with a local maker or vendor. Team up with a local maker or vendor to collaborate on a giveaway hosted on social media. Cross-promote each other for maximum exposure. 

6) Upcycle it. Do you sell or collect salvaged, vintage or secondhand goods?  Take a few of the items and upcycle them into something amazing. Then, offer the fun DIY project tutorial on your blog or in a social media post.

Years ago, my sister and I upcycled an old birdcage into a pretty desk organizer and then we offered the tutorial on our blog.   

7) Host a pop-up shop with local crafters. No matter where your store is located, there are surely a plethora of talented crafters and makers nearby. Invite a few of them into your store for a pop-up shop. Be sure to list it as an event on Facebook and share the event in all your local Facebook groups.

8) Do a LIVE demo or weekly craft tip video. If you really want to get more exposure on social media, go LIVE in videos!  Every Monday (or whatever day you choose) in March go Live on Facebook and/or Instagram and give a craft tip or do a demo video for a project.  If you’re not sure how to do a Facebook live, click here for my quick tutorial.

9)  Add a crafting corner for kids. Do you have a lot of moms or dads with kids shopping in your store?  Create a little crafting area or play nook for the kids so mom can shop!

10) Host a photo challenge on Instagram in honor of National Craft Month. Ask your followers to post a photo of their favorite craft project.

  • Ask them to tag you
  • Use a custom hashtag that you create just for the challenge
  • Pick a winner at the end of the day (if you like, offer a gift or just offer bragging rights)

People love to share and show off some of their own projects.  This gives them a fun opportunity to do that AND it creates engagement and activity on your Instagram account!

Your customers might be busy, but they all have hobbies and millions of people like to craft, so why not give them an opportunity to create, shop, share, and have fun…. all through your retail business?

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