“How can I get more social media followers?”

I hear this question so often that it’s definitely worthy of a single blog post.

Particularly for new shop owners – whether you own an online shop or brick and mortar store, everyone wants to know how to gain traction and get more social media followers.

When you first launch your page and you have 10-15 followers it may seem daunting.  You’re probably thinking “How am I ever going to hit 100 let alone 1000?”

I’ll be the first to say, it starts slow so be PATIENT.

But if you want to get more followers you have to be willing to do some work.  You can’t just post and sit back and think you’ll reap the benefits and gain hundreds or thousands of followers.

The goal here is to outwork the “dreaded algorithm” everyone always complains about.  To be honest, I’d rather not complain about it – I just want to BEAT IT and I have some tricks to share with you!

Here are my 7 tips to help you grow your following on Facebook and Instagram:

If you are literally just starting out, let me start with this tidbit, invite your friends & family to “Like” or “Follow” your page – this may seem so simple but it’s a great way to get your first 100 or so followers – send an email, send invites through Facebook, ask anyone you run into… you get the picture.

On to my 7 tips…

  • Go LIVE

If you haven’t heard, Facebook will give your post way more views if you go Live or use your own video – don’t be shy – it’s worth it!

  • Reply to all comments on your posts

If someone comments on your post – reply to them!  Not only will your customers appreciate that you are acknowledging them but the more engagement your post gets (whether it’s Facebook or Instagram) the more it will be shown to other people

  • Location, location, location

Tag your location on Instagram and use local hashtags – this may sound like a tip for brick and mortar stores but I think online shops can grow when they actually engage and interact with their local area.  How do you know what your local hashtags are?  Get in the app and look at what other local businesses are using.  In the Cleveland, Ohio area we use:  #cle, #thisiscle #cleveland #clevelandohio #shopcleveland ….you get the picture

  • Use Instastories!

Do you know half of the people on Instagram are spending at least 10 minutes per day watching Instastories?!   Enough said.  If Instastories are stumping you just think of it this way – use it as a place to share anything that might be fun and not “gallery worthy” because it’s gone in 24 hours.  You can also use it to poll your customers – this is fun!  And very informative.

  • Get your followers and customers to comment

Get your followers to engage beyond a “like” – you want them to comment! – Think of creative ways to get your customers and followers to actually comment on your posts!  The more they comment, the more exposure you’ll get.

  • Engage with other Business Pages in your area

Follow other businesses in your area, or other businesses similar to your own shop, and comment on their posts – this needs to be genuine!  Don’t be a robot and don’t comment to promote or sell any of your own products – that would be spammy.  But if you like something, if you think something is beautiful, if you have something productive and kind to say – comment!  Why do this?  Well, because it’s good to support other businesses and it’s even better because those customers (who should be your ideal client) SEE YOU TOO.

  • Create an Event on Facebook

Just like LIVE videos, “Events” seem to get better exposure on Facebook and Instagram.  So if you’re hosting or participating in a Grand Opening, a Pop-up Shop, a workshop, an anniversary event be sure that you have an EVENT listed on your Facebook page for it.  Let me add that you are a maker participating in a brick and mortar’s event – just ask them to add you as a co-host.  We made the mistake of creating our own event once and it caused some confusion.  If you’re a guest – just get added as a co-host to avoid any confusion.

7 ways more to get more followers on social media

There are of course some other tricks, but this is a great start.  Once you’ve mastered these, let me know when you’re ready for the next 7!

To summarize:  I’m calling these 7 “tricks”, but I think the real trick is… you must WORK FOR IT.

What other ways have you helped you get more followers and page likes?  Tell me about it!

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  1. Great tips! I really need to get more comfortable with being live! And am really trying to end more social media posts with a question or something that readers can respond to. So agree….keep working at it, be patient. It’s not happening quickly for me but it is slow and consistent which is OK by me!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I plan on making sure I add a call-to-action at the end of each of my Live videos that I’ll be starting on my Facebook Page in a couple of weeks, so I understand!

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