A Buyer’s Guide To Attending AmericasMart in Atlanta: FREE 5-Part Lesson

You asked for it and It’s here!

A Buyer’s Guide to attending AmericasMart in Atlanta.

A Buyer's Guide to AmericasMart

If you own a brick and mortar store and you’ve thought about attending AmericasMart or if you’ve attended and want a better plan for next time around, this is YOUR Guide!

While visiting AmericasMart for the first time I documented as much as I could about the experience.  I learned some tips and tricks and found some other helpful information along the way.  I also learned there are “Market Myths” on the internet –  and I’ll share it all with you in this series.

Below is a an outline of how to organize and prepare your trip to AmericasMart.

A Buyer's Guide to AmericasMart Part 1 - Plan Your Trip & Travel

PLAN TRIP & TRAVEL – What is AmericasMart, when is it hosted, and how to plan the travel for your trip to Atlanta.

A Buyer's Guide to AmericasMart Part 2 - Budget & Buying Plan

BUDGET & BUYING PLAN – Figure out your budget and buying schedule, learn about different buying options and terms at AmericasMart.

A Buyer's Guide to AmericasMart - Part 3 - Prepare & Travel Day

PREPARE AND TRAVEL DAY – Learn what to bring, what to pack, what you should print and have ready before your trip begins.

A Buyer's Guide to AmericasMart - Part 4 - It's Market time!

MARKET TIME – You’re at AmericasMart – now what?  Get tips on where to eat, what to expect, how to navigate Buildings 1, 2 and 3, and how to make the most of your buying time.

A Buyer's Guide to AmericasMart Part 5 - Return & Review

RETURN & REVIEW – You’re back home and loaded with information, find out how to organize all of the information you collected!

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