Meet kathy cruz!

Kathy’s Brick & Mortar Journey (2014-2024)

Kathy Cruz, co-founder of The Salvaged Boutique—a home décor boutique—started in 2013. The endeavor started with a DIY blog, a few social media accounts, and a little determination.  It only took Kathy and her sister 18 months of running their online business to realize they wanted to do something more with it.

They signed a lease for their space, and 6 months later, they opened a brick-and-mortar store.  That was just the beginning!  Kathy worked less than 20 hours a week in her retail business which profited and grew every year even during the pandemic, with no debt.

In 2024 Kathy passed the baton on to her sister and nephew to continue running The Salvaged Boutique so she could focus on Savvy Shopkeeper full time.

“I want every shopkeeper I work with to know that this journey doesn’t have to be lonely.”

What Kathy believes in:

Balance! Shopkeepers can be passionate about running their businesses without burning out.

Profit! Shopkeepers can beat the stigma around math and numbers. Learning how to understand your business, the data, your P&L and cash flow is possible!

Growth! After shopkeepers realize they can stop overworking and start focusing on profit, they can start implementing growth strategies!

Small businesses can be tough to run on your own, whether you’re just starting up or well-established, whether you have an online shop or brick-and-mortar store, having trusted resources can make all the difference in being properly educated and not feeling like you’re alone in your business!  

Kathy’s Savvy Shopkeeper Journey (2017)

Once she started her shopkeeping journey, Kathy discovered that she has an immense passion for retail business strategy, digital marketing, processes, system implementation, and more. Kathy teaches retailers how to work less, profit more and grow.

Using her experience and expertise from the success of her own business, Kathy set out to blog about what she learned on her journey.  Then she launched the Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast and the Shopkeeper’s Academy.

“Savvy Shopkeeper” doesn’t just refer to Kathy, it’s ANYONE who yearns to build an independent retail business that’s profitable, runs efficiently and doesn’t consume their entire life!

Kathy’s Life Coach School Certification (2024)

A life coach is someone who can help you improve your life, feel better, and achieve your goals.

No, therapists focus on understanding the cause of certain behavioral patterns and how to change those patterns whereas coaches focus on closing the gap between the present and a future goal.

After working with hundreds of store owners and seeing her own thought patterns as a store owner, Kathy quickly learned that mindset is the driving force behind a retail business and is often the most neglected skill that’s taught to store owners.

Kathy offers group coaching in Master Shopkeepers and offers one-on-one coaching services.

Do you have a question for Kathy about the group membership or 1:1 coaching?  Click here to schedule a 15 minute discovery call with her.

If you’re a brand or want to collaborate with Kathy on a project that’s helpful to Independent Retailers, request a Speaking Info and Rate Sheet, Media Kit or contact Kathy to start the conversation!

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