The Shopkeeper's Academy is here!

Learning for women retailers who "wear all the hats"

The Shopkeeper's Academy was designed for this woman...

You are a a solopreneur, or you might have one or a few employees, but YOU wear all the hats and you’re overwhelmed

You want more time for family, friends, hobbies, and rest

You want more profit

You want to pay yourself

You’re willing to invest in yourself and your business but you don’t have $2000 to invest in a program

You are overwhelmed, but you genuinely want to learn and you’re willing to do the work to make your business all that it can be

You want to learn but you’re not sure what to buy or who to buy it from - because you aren’t an online service based business

You want someone that speaks to YOU because you don't have the retail business generating millions in sales each year with multiple locations

You need content and learning that is tailored to YOU and you want it organized and easy to use

Learning at your own pace is great but a little accountability and guidance is helpful

Shopkeeper's Academy

Free Resource Library – Subscriber to get access to free downloadable PDF files for all shopkeepers.  Once you sign up, you’ll also get automatic access to the Shopkeeper’s Toolkit – a list of resources I recommend for retail business owners

Master Shopkeepers – Get access to the lessons and modules in the online Academy PLUS join a community of like-minded brick and mortar store owners for monthly group calls, masterclasses and much more!  

One-on-One Coaching and Consulting – Looking for direct communication and a guide?  Book my one-on-services where I will help you with your retail business.

About Me

I started my retail journey with my sister when we started a DIY blog and social media accounts in 2013.  Soon after we opened an Etsy Shop and within 18 months we found our brick and mortar location.  6 months later we opened our home decor boutique.  I couldn’t find a blog or retail expert who spoke to ME – the independent retail store owners trying to learn and do it all.  So I started Savvy Shopkeeper in 2016 and I’ve been educating retail store owners since.

Kathy Cruz

Retail educator

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