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Welcome! I’m KATHY!

Running a retail business is like riding a roller coaster ride. One day you have a decent amount of traffic and sales, the next day it’s slow as molasses. Sometimes we don’t even know why – it can be so frustrating, right?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Whether you’re a new retailer looking for a comprehensive list of ways to market your business, you’ve been open but want to learn how to attract customers to your store, or you’re a seasoned retailer looking for a new and fresh perspective on brick and mortar marketing strategies, this digital book is packed with ideas, checklists, tip sheets, and more!

This book is an excellent resource for all retailers!


It’s time to get more traffic!

In this easy-to-download PDF book, you’ll receive a comprehensive list of ways to get more foot and online traffic for your retail business!

Traditional marketing and advertising can be an effective tool for some shopkeepers but the online space has changed dramatically over the past decade and it continues to change. There are dozens of other ways to get our businesses noticed.

In this book, I cover some of the traditional ways to market your retail business but I also share what I know is actually working NOW for many retailers. From your physical location (if you have one) to your digital footprint and everything in between!

We’re talking about some creative ideas and modern marketing efforts!

here is why you need this BOOK in your life

I run a store too, so I know firsthand what it’s like to wear “all the hats”! It’s easy to forget or never learn about creative marketing ideas – even if we’ve been open for years.

  • It’s a single and comprehensive resource that you know is written specifically for YOU – a RETAIL business owner.
  • It will save you hours of google searches!
  • It’s a one-stop shop filled with countless marketing tips and ideas.
  • It’s easy to digest, with checklists, tip sheets, and worksheets so you can create a plan.
  • When you apply what you learn, it will HELP YOU GET MORE TRAFFIC, both online and in person.

Is this for you?

Whether it’s a crash course for beginners or a refresher for seasoned retailers, this book can be helpful to shopkeepers at all levels of business who are looking to increase traffic. This book was also designed with all types of retail business models in mind! Gift shops, Home Decor Stores, Apparel Boutiques, Vendor-based Businesses, E-commerce shops, Food & Beverage Retailers, and much more.

0 Years

Not Open yet?

This is the marketing resource I dreamed of when I was preparing to open The Salvaged Boutique with my sister 7 years ago! This blueprint is a goldmine for newbies!

1-3 Years

Just opened

This book will give the new retail business owner, who was focused on opening & serving, the information necessary to build a stronger presence, both online and in their community.

4+ Years


The lengthy list of ideas in this book can remind a seasoned shopkeeper of all the marketing strategies that may have been missed along the way, even after being open for years!


To save retailers time and money!

I know your time is precious. I also know you are passionate about your retail business. I spent years on Google, researching resources, reading countless blog posts and articles, watching youtube videos and trying to find books that would help me grow my retail business but I never found one! Instead, I often found expensive programs and resources for other types of businesses. I created Savvy Shopkeeper to offer affordable and valuable resources for shopkeepers just like me. Shopkeepers who want to work less, profit more and GROW!

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