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Best Places To Buy Wholesale Craft Supplies – Darice Alternatives

There are so many amazing, talented, and passionate small business owners who rely on other businesses for supplies.

Darice was one of them. A family-owned business founded in 1954 and was purchased in 2016 by The Michaels Company. In the midst of all the 2020 craze, Michael’s announced that they will be closing Darice which struck the hearts of many of these passionate small business owners.

In The Shopkeepers Lab, group members are brick & mortar store owners, creative workshop instructors, and Makers who were purchasing a lot of their supplies and inventory from Darice. With the upcoming closing of Darice, many shopkeepers have asked “What is the best alternative to Darice?” or “Where is the best place to buy wholesale craft supplies?” Although the Darice chapter is closing, small business owners must continue to be resilient, figure things out, and do it without hurting their bottom line! 

If you’re looking to buy wholesale craft supplies, I’m here to help with a list of some Darice alternatives!

Michael’s Alternative to Darice

Michaels Pro

“We’ve got your back, small biz owners.” is the headline for Michaels Pro – their replacement for the beloved Darice. This one probably stings a bit for loyal Darice customers but I want to share the option. No wholesale account is needed and you can filter how you shop by selecting MichaelsPro to easily access their bulk order options. 

Paper Products

American Crafts

If you are looking for bright, bold, and modern designs then check out American Crafts for your paper crafting products. They also have accessories and tools available with a wholesale option – just fill out the form and let them know if you are a brick & mortar location, online, or both. The minimum order is currently set to $1500 and they have beautiful flipbook catalogs for you to browse.

Paper Source

Paper Source is a great wholesale option for crafts related to cards, stock, and even holiday trinkets. An application is needed to become one of their wholesale customers to be able to resell or use their products in your store.

Gifts Intl

Gifts International Inc boasts a wide variety of gift packaging products, party and bridal supplies. They have everything you need from satin pouches, to ribbons, paper shopping bags, to wedding accessories. Their wholesale account offers a 10% discount with an initial order of at least $500 online. They will require that you fax them a resale Tax I.D. or Sales Tax License.

Jewelry Making & Arts and Crafts Supplies

Cousin DIY

They offer a wide range of accessories from beads & accents to storage, tools, and bundle kits with a $25 minimum order to qualify for free shipping.

Horizon Group USA

Horizon coins themselves as America’s leading provider of crafts. They are open to Retail Accounts in which you would need to contact them directly as they are not accepting consumer orders at this time. If you are a new retailer your request will be passed along to their Sales Team for review.

Notions Marketing

Notions Marketing has a rich history that operates on its mission and core values which is very customer-centric. They offer a wide range of products from paper crafts to art supplies, needle arts, sewing, pet supplies, paint & more. In order to access their full inventory simply request a login access and fill out an application as they are only available to the trade. Per Notions Marketing they define “a retail account as a business in a space that is owned or leased for retail business. It must be open regular hours, have a business phone line and have a business checking account.” Their set minimum opening order is $250.

PA Distribution

PA Distribution requires a copy of your States Business License and Sellers Permit since they only sell wholesale to registered businesses. You can browse their products from New Arrivals to Arriving Soon to Arrived 30-60-90 Days to ensure you are getting the newest items available to makers. They do not have a minimum order, however, any wholesale orders under $100 will require a $15 handling fee. 

CB Flowers & Crafts

CB Flowers & Crafts is a B2B wholesale craft supplier for over 20 years. They offer a wide range of craft, party, and wedding supplies. They have a wide assortment of floral accessories as well as the ribbons, lace, and trimmings to along with them. Reach out to them directly in order to get a wholesale account and a valid permit is required for proof.

Home Goods & Decor

Factory Direct Craft

Factory Direct Craft offers a wide range of products from home decor to craft supplies, florals, and seasonal items. In order to join their wholesale program an application is needed with the usual information (business license/permit, tax ID, etc.) and a $250 minimum order on bulk purchase of craft supplies, florals, primitive and home decor products is required to qualify for a discount.


If you are looking for wholesale prices on decor for special events, accessories, or just accent pieces and decor to use in your shop then look into Save-On-Crafts. A wholesale account is not needed for their site and shipping is free with a $79 purchase.

Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading has wholesale items from events, holidays, crafts to personal booths that you can use in your shop. I have a separate blog post about creating an Instagram Selfie Station or an event booth so make sure to read that blog here. This site has a good mix of odds and ends as well as PPE supplies to keep you and your customers safe.

Keep growing and continue to be resilient!

Although Darice may be closing, there are a lot of other great companies out there that are welcoming new customers. Finding new vendors can be a daunting task but if you find one that keeps your shops and/or craft supplies stocked then there’s no time to waste! Q4 is right around the corner and if you need guidance with tackling Q4 then listen to my 3 part podcast series here for Episodes 39, 40 and 41.

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  1. Do you know who would have Wholesale miniatures for Fairy Gardens like Darice did? They were my main supplier for small Gnome & Fairy Garden Items I sell in my markets.

        1. Hi Katia, I don’t offhand – have you checked Michael’s new program? I’ve heard they will be selling some of the Darice product line.

  2. HI there, we are running into trouble finding specifically the Wood products Darice carried. Like not the flat shape cut outs but their 3D stuff, wood houses, wood chunky shapes that stand alone, wood boxes , wooden guitars and muscal instrumetns, wood 3D animals like snakes trains planes etc. Even the michaels pro option is still soooo expensive compared to any whole sale pricing. Would love anyones thoughts and advice!

  3. I am desperate to find the paper mache letters that I use to get in bulk from Darcie size 8 inch tall and 5 inch wide? Help please!!

  4. I am a former Darice customer. I need to find both 12″ and 18″ mini Christmas trees. Without a new source, I will have to close my small business. Michaels does not gave. I am also waiting for a response from wholesalefloral. Can you advise?

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks for reading the post. I wrote the blog post to be as helpful as possible for retailers looking for replacement supplies after Darice closed. I know it was frustrating for many. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other information to share. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

    2. Hi Sherry, I too am looking for a sisal tree supplier. I need bulk in 3,4 and 6
      “…. I go through over 1009 a year. Anyone know a source..

    3. I am also looking for small 8” to 18” Christmas trees for my craft business. I aways could get them from Darice.
      Any suggestions!

    1. Joann Fabric has a good supply of yarn. I don’t know if they have an online store. that would be something you would have to look into. I am lucky and have one close to my home I use.


  6. I’m looking for a wholesaler of small mirrors like the 2×3 inch oval mirrors and the 3 and 4 inch round mirrors.

  7. carries both the sisal trees and the smaller PVC pine trees. If you are tried of buying from large corporate companies, Factory Direct Craft is a family run business that has been around since 1985

  8. I need their shadow boxes. The Studio Decor ones at Micheals are hit and miss… plus one batch I bought turned out to be plastic, not wood… which was not stated anywhere on the packaging.

  9. I am trying SO hard to find Kraft paper covered earring cards that I like as much as the Darice ones! Has anyone found a replacement the same color and texture as them yet?!?

  10. I’ve looked at Factory Direct Craft and they don’t have exactly what I’m looking for… but I’m wondering if any artificial/silk floral makers have a good wholesale source for things like stamens and floral tape?

    Thank you so much for putting this list together, I’m going to check out all the options!

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