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This is a group for Independent Retail Store Owners in the US to sell and buy from each other. Keep reading to make sure this group is a good fit for you and your business!

The Retail Store Destash Group is in “beta” and currently free to the first 200 members, so that means we’re testing things out right now!
Rules and requirements may change in the future.

1) You must be the owner of a retail store in the United States (we may open this to other countries in the future)
2) You must have a PayPal Account (we recommend this so both the seller and buyer are protected)
3) You must follow group rules (this includes being an honorable store owner who is kind and respectful – no jerks or bullies allowed)
4) You must follow the group guidelines for buying/selling
5) You must sign up and subscribe to the Savvy Shopkeeper Newsletter using the form below.
Once you subscribe, you will receive a New Member PDF Guide with group rules and posting instructions.
6) You must be willing to package your items well and ship anywhere in the continental US

In this group you can sell:
1) Product inventory – this can be dead inventory or excess inventory that you purchased at wholesale prices and you’re now selling at cost or less
2) Retail store equipment (scanners, printers, POS equipment, etc.)

This is a business-to-business SELLING and BUYING group, NOT a business support group or business-to-consumer group.

Please be sure to review the new member PDF Guide when you receive it via email -OR- visit GUIDE 1 in the group for buying/selling rules before posting,

Thank you! If you have questions that we haven’t answered, we’re happy to help – please ask here.