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What Past Email Marketing Challenge Participants Said…

The return on investment is bigger than retailers think!

Let me share my aha moment with email marketing…

I’m Kathy Cruz, the face and voice behind Savvy Shopkeeper.

I OWN a store myself! In 2021 I dug into my stats before our busy Holiday season. I learned that revenue at my own store went up 44% the week following our bi-weekly email newsletters.

Talk about an aha moment!

I quickly realized that email marketing needed to be a priority in my business… instead of an afterthought.


The Email Marketing Challenge for Indie Retailers

The challenge where you’ll learn that email marketing doesn’t have to be hard for your retail business.

Let’s get down to business

Here’s what I’ll cover…

We’ll meet every Monday for five weeks on Zoom where I’ll teach LIVE at 3pm EST.
Can’t make it live? No biggie! You’ll get access to the replays for 60 days!
WEEK 1 – Monday, August 1, 2022

Getting Started with Email Marketing

During week 1 you’ll learn how valuable email marketing can be for retailers, you’ll commit to a software program, you’ll learn about 12 list-building techniques and we’ll talk about those dreaded unsubscribes!

WEEK 2 – Monday, August 8, 2022

Create a Plan & Design

Week 2 is about starting small and keeping things simple. You’ll choose an email frequency and set up a system for accountability and repeatability. You’ll learn about email design options so you don’t have to design from scratch, I’ll share 12 content ideas and I’ll give you a link to a valuable resource just for retailers!

WEEK 3 – Monday, August 15, 2022

The Writing & Layout Process

This week’s goal is to help you use a variety of content and email styles with catchy subject lines and effective layouts to create engaging customers! I’ll teach you my simple 2-step system for creating emails!

WEEK 4, Monday, August 22, 2022

Strategies & Advanced Techniques

This is where we dig into the backend of your email software so you can implement strategies for your email marketing…beyond the routine singular newsletter. I’ll make segmenting and workflows less intimidating!

WEEK 5 – Monday, August 29, 2022

Automate, Systematize & Delegate

We’ll wrap up this challenge by creating an email marketing system that’s simple and efficient so you can spend time doing other things for your business. Want to clean up an old list? We’ll talk about scrubbing your subscriber list too!

This has also been our biggest month so far this year and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. 😏😏😏
J.T., Master Shopkeepers Member & Email Marketing Challenge Participant

Single Payment (Pay in full and save!)
Payment Plan: 2 payments of $48.50

– 5 Live Weekly Zoom Lessons with Kathy Cruz
– Access to Video Replays for 60 Days
– Printable Bingo Card
– Entries to win Challenge prizes!
– Weekly accountability
…and most importantly have fun doing it!

BONUS: Sign up within 48 hours (before 12pm EST on July 23, 2022) and you’ll receive
a subject line generator tool just for Independent Retailers.
Not only will this easy-to-use Google Sheet tool help you generate great converting subject lines ,
it will inspire you to write MORE emails for your customers!

UPDATED BONUS DEADLINE: Sunday, July 24, 2022 11:59pm EST

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Saturday, July 30, 2022 8pm EST
The Challenge begins at 3pm, Monday, August 1, 2022


Have questions? I have answers!

This is for any independent retailer, at any stage in business or email marketing, who wants to learn how to start and/or use email marketing to promote and grow their retail business.

-You’ll learn about the ROI of email marketing
-You’ll get common questions answered like how to start and/or grow your email list
-You’ll learn about some helpful email marketing resources just for retailers
-You’ll be inspired you to use email marketing in your business
-You’ll create a simple plan and get consistent with emails
-You’ll learn how to delegate
-You’ll learn advanced techniques with relatable retail examples
-And so much more!

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with the Zoom link to attend the live lessons (every Monday at 3pm EST for 5 weeks starting with Monday, August 1, 2022). If you can’t attend the live lessons, you’ll be able to watch the replays for 60 days in the Shopkeeper’s Academy!

You’ll receive an email with the bingo card. If you don’t receive an email in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folders! Have issues? Contact kathy@savvyshopkeeperecom

You’ll access any downloads and the replays in our member portal, Shopkeeper’s Academy. If you’re a group member, you’ll login as usual! If you’re not a group member, you’ll receive login information after you register for this challenge.

If you’re a Lab member, please visit the Facebook Group for your discount code! NOTE: If you’re a Master Shopkeepers member, you have access to this entire challenge and the replays from our group challenge in the Shopkeeper’s Academy under the Master Shopkeepers area.

That’s great! But if you don’t utilize it, lost motivation, don’t know how to use it or want some accountability, this is the challenge for you!

This isn’t a tech course. With so many marketing software programs out there, I can’t teach tutorials for each platform but I will cover some important topics that can help you understand some of the terminology so you can find the right tutorials with your software company or on YouTube.