When faced with a business-impacting decision, we usually turn to our trusty friend: Google. But there are some questions that even Google can’t answer. Especially when it comes to the intricacies of the technology that runs our stores. If you’ve been considering the Shopify point-of-sale, though, I’ve got good news. I can connect you with a real human to answer all your questions. Keep reading to learn how!

The Recent Square vs. Shopify Point-of-Sale Debate

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback and questions about my recent Square vs. Shopify podcast episode. In that episode, I shared a free decision tree—aka, a diagram I made that helps store owners decide between Square and Shopify (at least, I hope it does!).

The decision tree has already been downloaded almost 100 times. Between that, the feedback, and the questions I’ve been getting, I KNOW this topic is of interest to many of you. 

I’d like to make it easy for you and just tell you which system is best for your business. But as I mentioned in episode 165, there are too many nuances and variables for me to definitively recommend one system over the other. They each have their strengths and weaknesses.

I Can’t Answer Every Question About Shopify Point-of-Sale, But They Can!

But there is someone who CAN answer all your questions and tailor their answers to your specific store: a Shopify rep! If you’re seriously considering Shopify as your point-of-sale system, I can connect you with an actual human to talk to.

They will help you determine if the Shopify point-of-sale is a good fit for your business and answer all your questions. So you can decide for yourself. Shopify may also offer a demo call showing you their system in action. The Shopify rep determines that during your initial call.

I can connect you with a Shopify representative because I’m a Shopify Referral Partner. I’ve been a Shopify Partner for years because one of my first side hustles on my entrepreneurial journey was building Shopify websites for clients!

Making an Informed Decision Before Choosing the Shopify Point-of-Sale System

Several Master Shopkeepers members have taken me up on this connection to a Shopify rep, and it has genuinely helped some group members make a decision. 

More importantly, it has helped them make an informed decision without having to do a ton of Google searches or dig through Shopify’s point-of-sale helpdesk to find answers to their specific queries. 

Some of the MSK members who have taken advantage of this referral connection have chosen to move forward with Shopify, and some have not. Getting on a call with a Shopify rep does NOT require you to move forward with the Shopify point-of-sale system. As always, do what works best for you and your business! And I appreciate that MSK members have done just that. 

If you’re stuck on your decision because you think, “I wish I could just ask someone some questions,” then connecting with a Shopify rep is a great way to get those questions answered. 

How To Connect With a Shopify Representative

To get connected with a representative from Shopify, simply fill out this form. I’ll submit a referral to Shopify, and they’ll contact you shortly after. It’s free and doesn’t cost you a penny. 

And just in case you’re wondering why Shopify would offer this for free: this is a way for Shopify to offer their best service to those they know are interested in their product. They don’t provide this publicly because they would get inundated with calls and questions. But they do offer it through their partners so they can connect with store owners who are ready to make a decision. 

Whether you choose to go with the Shopify point-of-sale or not, asking a Shopify rep all of your questions is the best way to get all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Be sure to read the graphic below, then fill out the form so I can refer you!

Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. And at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. 

I recommend certain products, software, and other small business tools because I have found them helpful. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.



  • [01:03] The Recent Square vs. Shopify Point-of-Sale Debate
  • [02:14] I Can’t Answer Every Question About Shopify Point-of-Sale, But They Can!
  • [04:36] Making an Informed Decision Before Choosing the Shopify Point-of-Sale System
  • [05:42] How To Connect With a Shopify Representative

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