The 2023-2024 Savvy Shopkeeper Digital Planner is now available! I am so excited to share what I believe to be the BEST planner for independent retail store owners with you. 

The planner has a new look, new worksheets, and new bonuses to help you work less, profit more, and grow. Read on to learn more about this year’s digital planner.

What Shopkeepers Think of This Planner for Independent Retail Store Owners

When I first launched the Savvy Shopkeeper Digital Planner in 2022, I wasn’t sure how independent retailers would react. I was happily blown away, though, by all the positive feedback, especially from retailers who hadn’t considered digital planning before! 

Here is a sampling of what store owners like you love about the Savvy Shopkeeper Digital Planner:

“Just have to say if you are on the fence about going digital and getting Kathy’s planner, DO IT NOW!!!! I was a die-hard pen & paper person but was willing to give digital a try because what I’ve been doing for years was not working.”

“THIS is working and I am loving it. It does everything I’ve always wanted but didn’t want to carry a bag of accessories so I could do what I needed on paper. My head feels more calm these past 2 days putting this in place than it has in years. It is life changing!!!!!!”

“It’s giving me new life and excitement that I’ve lost over the past few months so for that THANK YOU! You have created an amazing resource and I’m so glad I went for it!”

“I jumped in 100% and not looking back. I’ve had my s#*! together more these past 2 days than in years and bc I can make it do exactly what I need without much thought, it’s  soooo helpful.”

“I just told my husband who asked me to drop off an Amazon return, ‘I can’t. It’s not on my schedule and can’t be until next week. My days are planned and there’s no time for that.’”

“Thank you for putting this out in the world and giving me the blueprint I couldn’t come up with on my own for my business!”

“I love it!! All my ‘stuff’ in one place, no more lugging a big planner and laptop everywhere!”

“I’m loving the digital planner! I’ve always been a paper & pen planner lover but am committed to becoming entirely digital for 2023 😀”

“Love this planner! I have just about swapped over to only this planner vs the 3 I had before.”

“This planner has changed the way I do business and life. If you are looking for a way to streamline (and cut down on waste) this is it!!”

“This planner is pretty amazing! I actually use it!!

Planner for Independent Retail Store Owners

The Two Key Sections of the Savvy Shopkeeper Digital Planner

As an entrepreneur running two businesses, I know that a holistic view of my life means I have to plan for both my personal life and my business life. I also have to set boundaries for my businesses in order to PROTECT my time with family and friends…and for MYSELF.

The best way for me to do ALL OF THIS is to have everything in one place. It doesn’t make sense to have a personal calendar and a separate business calendar. If you really want to understand what’s going on in and strategize for your retail business, a calendar alone isn’t enough.

Business-Focused Worksheets, Forms, & Lists

The Savvy Shopkeeper Digital Planner helps you strategically plan, organize, and operate your retail business. How? With the incredible custom-created worksheets included in the planner! 

When you need to strategize in your business, these worksheets will come in handy:

  • Big Year Goals
  • Business Health Checklist
  • Goal Setting
  • Important Retail Dates
  • Market Buying Projections
  • Order Shipment Schedule
  • Event Planning & Debrief

Keep track of all your key metrics with worksheets like: 

  • Monthly Marketing Metrics
  • Sales & Goals Tracker
  • Inventory Turn
  • E-commerce Tracker
  • Cash Management Quarterly Report
  • Foot Traffic Tracker
  • Goal Tracker

Your operations will be in tip-top shape as you implement the following:

  • Order Form
  • Daily Cash Drawer Report
  • Shopkeeper’s (Store) Report
  • Store Supplies Order Form
  • Retail Store Layout
  • Grid & Dot Paper
  • To-Do List
  • Store Cleaning Checklist

Personal Life Management

While there are tons of business-focused worksheets included, the Savvy Shopkeeper Digital Planner is all about seeing your business AND personal lives in one place. To help you prioritize your time with family, friends, and yourself, the planner includes…

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly calendars (the biggest section of the 550+ pages inside the planner!)
  • Journaling section to get things out of your head
  • A NEW calendar blocking worksheet to help you prioritize you 

How the Digital Planner is Organized With Indie Retailers in Mind

The top tabs and side tabs of this digital planner help keep everything organized and easy to navigate. 

When you use the planner in a digital note-taking app like GoodNotes, you just click on the tabs to take you to the different sections of the planner. It isn’t just a 550+ page pdf file that you have to scroll through to get to the page you’re looking for. That would be incredibly tedious, and I am not wasting your time! 

Additionally, you have the ability to bookmark pages, so it’s easy to access your favorites. You can also duplicate pages! If you need more journaling pages or more copies of the checklists, you can duplicate them at any time.

Why the Planners Starts at Quarter Four (And Why It’s Available NOW)

We’re launching this planner earlier than last year to help you build the habit of working AHEAD. The calendars start October 1st, but there are so many parts of the planner you can use NOW. 

Oh, and if you’re wondering WHY this planner starts Oct 1 instead of Jan 1, it’s because most retail store owners are the busiest in Q4. So this upcoming Q4, as crazy as it sounds, you should be planning for the NEXT Q4. 

For example, many of you attend Markets in January like AmericasMart, Dallas Market, and Vegas Market. It’s kinda crazy to wrap up the holiday season—aka, our busiest season of the year—then grab a new planner and take off to market within a 12-day period. Nope. If you want to truly strategize and plan ahead, I want to help you train your brain to work further in advance. Yes, a whole year in advance!

Planner for Independent Retail Store Owners

2023 Bonuses: What You’ll Get With the BEST Planner for Independent Retail Store Owners

This year, there’s an early-bird offer available for the Savvy Shopkeeper Digital Planner. When you purchase your planner before August 1, 2023, you’ll get 1) the lowest available price, 2) a start-up guide, and 3) FIVE amazing bonuses! 

Bonus #1: Planner Coaching Zoom Call

We’ll kick off with a special Zoom call where I’ll walk early bird buyers through the planner, the worksheets, how to use it throughout the year, and how to make the MOST of it!

Bonus #2: Choose Your Cover Color

You’ll get 5 different color versions of the cover! Yep, you get to choose the cover you like best. 

Bonus #3: January 2024 Planner Party

84% of survey takers told me Q4 is their busiest season of the year, and personally, I know what it is like to get to the other side of the Christmas season. In January, I’m relieved the Holiday season is OVER and I’m always excited to dig into the new year! 

We’ll get on Zoom again in January 2024 to chat and share ideas with each other about planning for the new year. My team and I also answer your planner questions during this Planner Party—oh, and I give away some prizes, too. Not only is this Zoom call supportive, but it’s also fun!

Bonus #4: Monthly Planner Emails from Kathy!

On the 1st of each month, I’ll share a helpful planning or digital planning tip with you via email. I offered this last year and really didn’t know what to expect, and I’d already told my team that we wouldn’t be offering it this year. But when we looked at the open rate of the monthly emails, I was shocked. On average, the monthly planner emails had an 85% open rate, so I knew I had to bring this back! 

Digital planning has SO many tips and tricks, and clearly, you all want to learn. I’m here for it. We invested in two Canvas Lamps so we can record digital planning content all year round for these helpful emails!

Bonus #5: Retail Store Annual Report Canva Template

Last but not least, you’ll get my NEW TEMPLATE for sharing an Annual Report with your customers. Big corporations do this, why can’t we?!

Get Your Digital Planner Before August 1st!

I’m happy to share that the 2023-2024 Savvy Shopkeeper Digital Planner is here and available to purchase TODAY, Thursday, July 27, 2023!

Grab the planner BEFORE Tuesday, August 1, 2023, and you’ll get the sale price, the 550+ page planner, the start-up guide, AND you’ll get all five bonuses. 

Want some fun, custom-made digital stickers to go with your planner? You can pay an extra $8 for a bundle of 125+ stickers! You’ll also get instructions on how to upload these into GoodNotes, of course.

If you buy the planner after August 1st, you’ll get the planner and start-up guide at the regular price (and without any of the incredible bonuses).

I can honestly say that when we launched this planner last year, this was one of those projects that I thought, “I’m just testing this.” I have tested quite a few things for store owners over the years since I started Savvy Shopkeeper, and plenty have flopped. 

The planner, however, is a WIN—it’s the BEST planner for independent retail store owners available. The feedback has been incredible, and I’m beyond happy about the results planner users have gotten over the past year. Thank you all for sharing so much with me! 



  • [02:54] What Shopkeepers Think of This Planner for Independent Retail Store Owners
  • [06:12] The Two Key Sections of the Savvy Shopkeeper Digital Planner
  • [11:37] How the Digital Planner is Organized With Indie Retailers in Mind
  • [13:14] 2023 Bonuses: What You’ll Get With the BEST Planner for Independent Retail Store Owners
  • [18:47] Get Your Digital Planner Before August 1st!

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