I get asked a LOT of questions about Master Shopkeepers. As a retail store mastermind coach, I completely understand why you have questions and want to put your mind at ease.

With applications closing for 2023 on September 30, now is the time to answer the five most common questions store owners ask me about Master Shopkeepers. Read on for the Qs & As—and to learn about the two incredible bonuses you’ll get if you join before Q4! 

Before We Begin: What is Master Shopkeepers?

Master Shopkeepers is a retail store mastermind for brick and mortar store owners. It’s also a group business coaching program—I’m your coach and guide! 

You’ll not only be surrounded and supported by the incredible store owners inside the group, but you’ll also have the opportunity to get coached, have access to tons of lessons, resources, and templates, and get first dibs on anything new that I create.

We all know that brick and mortar retail is unique: our struggles, profit and loss statements, questions, and everything else are so different from those of other businesses. The retail industry can also be secretive, so this is where the walls come down. 

Master Shopkeepers is where honest conversations happen, friendships are formed, and financial information is even shared! It’s the best place to get the support and community you’ve always craved. 

Lastly, this retail store mastermind isn’t a course. However, it includes the Lab, a giant library filled with lessons, resources, calculators, templates, and replays. Everything is organized by subject and available to watch or review anytime. 

Once you know which stage of your shopkeeping journey you’re in, there’s also a 9-page roadmap to guide you through the relevant lessons. Following this roadmap will help you grow and get into the next stage. If you’re unsure what stage you’re in, take the Savvy Shopkeeper Quiz to find out!

Now that you understand the basics of Master Shopkeepers, let’s address the five most common questions I get asked about joining the best retail store mastermind around.

Retail store mastermind

#1. Am I Good Enough to Join?

There are lots of ways that brick and mortar retailers ask me this question:

Am I experienced enough?

Do I make enough money?

Do I have enough knowledge to share? 

Can I actually hang with the Retail CEOs?

The answer to all of these variations is absolutely YES. 

Everyone is good enough to join Master Shopkeepers. You were born good enough.

This retail store mastermind is for all types of store owners in all stages of shopkeeping. And it works really well. 

Everyone brings prior knowledge from other careers/walks of life and their shopkeeping experience. Some have been open for 30+ years, making this mastermind even more helpful and powerful. 

The name of this retail store mastermind doesn’t require you to be a MASTER shopkeeper now. Instead, being in Master Shopkeepers will help you master everything there is to know about shopkeeping—even as the retail industry, the economy, and all the nitty-gritty bits of running a business continue to evolve.

#2. Is the Application to Join Open?

For the past couple of years, the application was open year-round. However, I’ll be closing the application this year on September 30 (right before Q4).

I’m simply too busy, as are most of you, during the holiday season. I promised myself that I would make November and December easier for myself and my team this year, and this is one way I can do that. There’s quite a bit involved in onboarding new members, and I want to be fully present. 

I also have some BIG projects I want to wrap up in Q4 that I haven’t shared about yet. To do this, run a store with my sister during our busiest season, AND enjoy the holidays with my family and friends, I have to be realistic about my time! 

The application will close on September 30, 2023, and won’t reopen again until January 2024. Click here to apply!

#3. My Store Isn’t Open Yet—Does It Make Sense to Join?

 Not only does it make sense to join before your store opens, it’s actually genius! 

So many of us inside Master Shopkeepers only WISH we had a retail store mastermind and the incredible community that goes with it before and during the opening of our stores. 

#4. Will I Have Enough Time to Participate in a Retail Store Mastermind?

I can’t know everyone’s lives, schedules, personalities, and learning styles individually. But I can say that there are several approaches to participating in Master Shopkeepers, and everyone handles it slightly differently.

Some members only engage in the Facebook group. Others don’t participate in the group at all but spend a lot of time learning inside the Lab. Some shopkeepers attend every group call, while others only attend the calls focused on topics that matter to them. 

Essentially, you do you! There’s no pressure to participate in a specific way. 

Retail store mastermind

#5. What and When Are the Group Calls?

Store owners are often afraid the call schedule won’t work with their responsibilities or time zone. But don’t worry: there are 6-8 calls each month at various times, meaning that at least a few should work for you.

Also, there’s never an expectation for you to attend every (or even any) calls. The schedule is posted in the group so you can choose which calls fit you and your business well. 

Calls are scheduled on a variety of days at a variety of times to accommodate a variety of store owners’ schedules and time zones. And most of the calls are recorded so you can watch the replay. Lots of members do this!

I moderate half the calls—usually those that involve teaching and coaching. An incredibly knowledgeable long-time member with her own store moderates the rest. She knows where to find resources and helps direct group members when/where needed.

Join Savvy Shopkeeper’s Retail Store Mastermind

Just so this is all crystal clear: 

  1. Yes, you ARE enough. 
  2. The application is open, but it is closing soon!
  3. This is for all types of retail stores in ALL stages.
  4. We make it easy for you to participate on your time and schedule.
  5. Calls are offered at various times on various dates, and almost all calls and classes are recorded.

If that all sounds good, then now is the best time to join Master Shopkeepers! It’s the only territory-protected retail store mastermind.

Applications close on September 30, 2023, so be sure to apply before then to experience the valuable lessons & resources, coaching calls, and vibrant community of fellow store owners cheering you on. 

Important Note: Master Shopkeepers is a Year-Long Commitment

Something that I want to make really clear is that Master Shopkeepers is a yearly recurring membership. Whether you choose to pay yearly or monthly is up to you, but it is a year-long commitment. 

Additionally, I am firm on this policy. There is no “trial” period. You can’t join for a few months and then cancel. 

I am committed to YOU, so I ask that you commit to me and yourself, too! You’re joining because you know you’re in for ONE year with a recurring membership after that. After that, you’re welcome to cancel if need be.

If you still have questions about Master Shopkeepers, book a free 15-minute discovery phone call at https://calendly.com/kathycruz.

One More Q: What Happens When You Join Master Shopkeepers?

When you join, there are four steps to help you get acclimated. We take onboarding seriously because we want you to feel supported and welcomed in our retail store mastermind!

First, you’ll read GUIDE 1 inside the Facebook group, which walks you through onboarding. You’ll also get emails with this information.

Next, you’ll receive your Welcome Packet at your front door, which includes a printed version of the guide and some fun goodies.

After that, you’ll head to the Lab to go through Modules 1 & 2. These will introduce you to the resources, the retail store mastermind, and where to focus next.

Lastly, you’ll attend a Welcome Call for new members! These happen every eight weeks. On the call, I’ll welcome you, get to know you, walk you through what you can expect throughout your year of membership, and answer any questions you have.

See? Lots of support and help!

Get Two Incredible Bonuses When You Join Master Shopkeepers Before September 30, 2023

With the application closing until 2024 on September 30, I hope to see your name on my list of new members! 

If you apply before the deadline and pay in full, you’ll get the Savvy Shopkeeper Digital Planner and two months of membership for FREE.

You’ll have the digital planner and stickers to help keep you organized through the busy holiday season. And instead of paying $1320/year for Master Shopkeepers, you’ll only pay $1100. That’s a savings of $220!

If you’re ready to…

  • invest in yourself
  • invest in your business
  • Take yourself and your business seriously
  • Finally get the community, support, and resources you crave

…then you should join the best retail store mastermind around: Master Shopkeepers.



  • [01:13] What is Master Shopkeepers?
  • [02:12] #1. Am I Good Enough to Join?
  • [03:36] #2. Is the Application to Join Open?
  • [05:31] #3. My Store Isn’t Open Yet—Does It Make Sense to Join?
  • [06:46] #4. Will I Have Enough Time to Participate in a Retail Store Mastermind?
  • [09:32] #5. What and When Are the Group Calls?
  • [13:40] Join Savvy Shopkeeper’s Retail Store Mastermind
  • [14:38] One More Q: What Happens When You Join Master Shopkeepers?
  • [17:41] Get Two Incredible Bonuses When You Join Master Shopkeepers Before September 30, 2023

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