Did you know you can sell from your window display, even when your store is closed? With my QR code tutorial for brick and mortar stores, your window display can attract potential customers, provide them with product information, and even drive them to your online store. 

Read on to learn how you can make it easy to shop small with this simple QR code tutorial for brick and mortar stores.

Making It Easy to Shop Small

How many times have you heard customers say one of the following:

“I work when you’re open, so I can never shop here.” 

“I walk by all the time, and you’re always closed!” 

“I wish you were open on X day or at X times.”

I’m all for consistent store hours, of course. But no matter how consistent our store hours are or how many hours we’re open, we can’t please everyone.

QR Code Tutorial for Brick and Mortar Stores

We hear the same or similar comments about our store hours. Early on in our journey, this would bother me—I didn’t like letting people down, the idea that we were “losing out” on sales, and the feeling of criticism. 

But I’ve built my entrepreneurial muscle, and now, the comments just don’t bother me. However, this doesn’t mean that I can’t get creative when it comes to serving our customers or potential customers!

Thankfully, it’s 2023, and technology allows us to do things store owners couldn’t do 10-20 years ago! We can make it convenient for ANYONE to shop small. If the pandemic didn’t prove this, I don’t know what has.

Creating QR Codes For My Store Windows

I recently changed the window displays in the store I co-own with my sister. I thought about how many people have called, messaged, or told us they came in because they were walking by and saw items in our windows that piqued their interest.

And the question popped into my brain, “How can I help serve these customers faster or better FROM THE WINDOW while we’re closed?”

And that’s when this QR code idea hit me!

It’s too soon for me to say how well this will convert to sales, but I feel good about it. Even if it helps one customer by answering their question—or better yet, if it gets them to connect with us, subscribe to our newsletter, or come in to shop!—I’ll take it! 

What I’ve Learned From Our QR Codes So Far

Our store has two window displays, so I created a unique QR code for each window.

When someone scans the QR code with their smartphone, they’ll be directed to a specific collection on Shopify for that window. The collection lists ALL the products that are actually in each window display.

After looking at the analytics, window #1 is outperforming views of window #2. That alone tells me that I need to change window #2! 

I understand why window #1’s analytics are better than window #2, though. We had the most adorable baby wardrobe that my sister painted, paired with other baby items, in window #1. Everyone loves babies, right?! Plus, we have a lot of young couples in starter homes in our area.

In fact, we recently sold the baby wardrobe! A local customer was walking by, saw it in the window, and bought it for her 2-year-old’s room. She’s redecorating the 2-year-old’s room because she recently had her second child, another girl. How cute is that?!

I only wish I had asked her if she scanned the QR code. I didn’t. Next time!

According to the analytics, the scans have yet to lead to online sales. It’s still early, though, and it will be interesting to see if/when this happens—especially as we head into Q4.

QR Code Tutorial for Brick and Mortar Stores

If you want to create QR code fliers for your store windows, I’ve got a tutorial and template available to guide you! The tutorial is specific to Shopify, but if you have a similar POS system/website platform, you can most likely figure this out using my tutorial.

Get the QR Code Tutorial for Brick and Mortar Stores, PLUS the Canva template to easily customize the flier for your store, for just $7.

QR Code Tutorial for Brick and Mortar Stores

Feedback is an Opportunity to Get Creative

I know how hard it can be to get customer comments about your store hours. Instead of beating yourself up or feeling annoyed by what they say, ask yourself this: 

“How can I get creative and sell to my customers, even when closed?”

One example of this comes from Dara, the owner of Epiphany Athens and a member of Master Shopkeepers. I shop with her online, and I love it when she and Team Epiphany go live on Wednesdays to show what’s new in their store.

 But you know what I really love? They use a collection on Shopify (like I did for this window display idea!) to make it easy for their customers to shop their Wear Wednesday Lives on their website! 

If I see something I like in their live, I don’t have to search for it. I know it will be in their weekly updated collection

They’ve made it SO easy to shop with them by getting creative and having an easy way for customers to buy from them outside their store hours.

Now it’s your turn! How can you reframe what feels like a negative into a positive for your customers?



  • [01:06] Making It Easy to Shop Small
  • [02:41] Creating QR Codes For My Store Windows
  • [06:07] What I’ve Learned From Our QR Codes So Far
  • [09:24] QR Code Tutorial for Brick and Mortar Stores
  • [10:26] Feedback is an Opportunity to Get Creative

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