Ep. 212 Doing It Scared with Kate Simpson of Cerulean

Kate Simpson, owner of Cerulean of Cape Cod, was always a maker and a nurturer. She created her own jewelry, sold it at weekend markets, and even had a spot at a vendor-based retail store, all while working full-time as a nurse.

Kate Simpson of Cerulean of Cape Cod

Eventually, though, she wanted to take the entrepreneurial leap into nurturing a retail store of her own. That’s when Cerulean was born.

Kate Simpson of Cerulean of Cape Cod

Listen in as Kate shares how Cerulean has evolved through several locations, what she’s learned over the past five years, how she’s adapting to a new customer base at her latest storefront, and why she loves being the group ambassador and call moderator for Master Shopkeepers.



  • [02:22] Kate’s journey to opening a retail store
  • [07:16] How doing it scared has shaped Kate’s business
  • [10:38] Why changing store locations was the best move for Cerulean
  • [15:22] Three things Kate has learned in five years as a member of Master Shopkeepers and store owner
  • [21:03] What Kate is looking forward to in her latest location
  • [21:41] How Kate is adapting to a new customer base with data
  • [23:59] Kate’s experience at AmericasMart as a first-time buyer
  • [25:40] Kate’s role as a group ambassador and call moderator for Master Shopkeepers

Connect With Kathy

Kathy Cruz is an Independent Retail Coach who helps store owners work smarter, profit more, and grow their brick and mortar businesses. 

Connect with Kathy and learn more here:

Website: www.savvyshopkeeper.com 
Instagram: @savvyshopkeeper
Mastermind Group: Master Shopkeepers

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