If you’re an Aspiring Shopkeeper, figuring out how and where to buy wholesale inventory is a crucial step towards opening your store’s doors. Luckily, there’s a program that makes it super easy to curate, order, and buy inventory for a retail store: Open With Faire

Built by one of the most reliable online wholesale platforms around, Open With Faire gives new retail store owners the education, tools, and buying power they need to kickstart their inventory. 

Read on to learn how to buy inventory for a retail store using Open Whttps://fairewholesaleinc.sjv.io/MmxJRPith Faire and why I highly recommend this innovative program. 

When I first started my shopkeeping journey, I was clueless when it came to wholesale. I didn’t know how or where to buy wholesale products and online wholesale platforms didn’t exist yet. That made the buying process much more challenging—especially for a newbie.

We had to figure out what companies sold home decor at wholesale and worked on building the courage to pay for a trip to a market. Eventually we chose AmericasMart in Atlanta

We eventually got the hang of buying wholesale, but I would have loved to have access to a platform like Faire. Online wholesale platforms have made buying inventory for a retail store so much easier!

How to buy inventory for a retail store

Store owners have been ordering from Faire since 2017. But now, Faire is changing the game for brand new retail stores. If you’re a new store owner OR you haven’t applied to buy from Faire yet, you can access the Open with Faire program. 

After completing a simple application process, you’ll get access to a $20k credit limit with Faire. You can buy inventory for your grand opening and enjoy 60-day invoice payment terms. You’ll have two months of selling in your store to pay back those invoices.

If you’re a bootstrapper like I was—or if you’re just looking for more spending ability without tapping into loans or opening credit cards—this is a BIG deal. 

Who Can Buy Inventory for a Retail Store Using Open With Faire

Open with Faire is for any independent, small business retailer (< $10M in sales) who needs to buy retail products for their store and has not yet signed up on Faire. 

You can be a brick and mortar store owner or exclusively e-commerce. The program is ideal for stores with core categories like home, gift, apparel, beauty, pet, or books, as those categories are what Faire offers the most.

Lastly, Open with Faire is ideal for retailers who are opening a store soon or opened within the past year but haven’t ordered from Faire yet.

What Small Store Owners Get Out of Buying Inventory for Their Retail Store on Open With Faire

The main benefit of Open with Faire for indie retailers is the large credit limit without a credit check. You won’t incur interest and you get 60-day payment terms. 

With this program, you can stock up on products for your store’s grand opening and don’t have to pay until 60 days later (ie, after you’ve started selling through your inventory).

Other benefits of Open with Faire include…

Saving Time: Discover products efficiently and access a one-stop shop for all wholesale buying. 

Saving Money: Faire has low order minimums. You’ll get 60-day payment terms and free shipping on thousands of eligible brands.

Free Returns on Opening Orders: If you place your first order with a brand and find your customers don’t love it, you can return it. Just make sure you read the terms for returns! Lots of retailers in the Savvy Shopkeeper community have used this perk successfully.

Convenience: You can shop on the go with Faire’s mobile app.

POS Integrations: Faire integrates with platforms like Shopify, Square, and more. If you’re new to shopkeeping, you may not realize how time-intensive inventory management can be. These integrations save you a lot of time! If you use Shopify or Square, your Faire orders will automatically be added to your inventory system.

Global Marketplace: Explore over 100,000 brands worldwide, curated product recommendations, and virtual trade shows with unbeatable deals. 

Annual Market Events: Faire hosts a couple of buying events each year where brands offer great discounts and promotions. At every market event, there seems to be a flurry of conversations in Master Shopkeepers where members are sharing what they’re finding and great promos from brands they love.

Easy Application Process: Truly, the application for Open with Faire is SO easy. You can get it done in just a few minutes. 

What Happens After You Sign Up for Open With Faire

Once you place your first order, the team from Faire will verify you are a true retailer and process your order. As a new retailer, you’ll get 50% off your first order on Faire (up to $100 off). 

What Experienced Retailers Think of Open With Faire

Open with Faire is only available to new retailers or those without Faire accounts. 

However, many members of Master Shopkeepers didn’t know how to buy inventory for a retail store when they started. I asked them if they would have used this program if it had existed when they opened their stores. 

The answer? A resounding yes from nearly all of our members (including me!).

One abundant thinker and risk-taker in Master Shopkeepers said, “I’m such a fan of using other people’s money for free any chance I get. Even when I don’t need it, I can always make a little extra on mine while I leverage theirs.”

Other members said: 

  • “I would have loved this…a great resource!!”
  • “This is how we opened. Utilizing the return program was very nice but having a system in place to track it is crucial.”
  • “The free returns would have put my buyer’s brain at major ease. I think our number one stressor when opening and continuing today is, ‘Will what I buy sell?’ To have that peace of mind is mammoth! Fyi, I would not have done the terms. That stuff stresses me out big time!”
How to buy inventory for a retail store

Another Benefit: Educational Content on How to Buy Inventory for a Retail Store 

With this program, Faire offers some education for new buyers, such as lessons on how much to buy and how to choose a POS system.

They offer 20+ guides covering all the basics, from how to get started with a new store, how to get funding, how to do inventory planning, how to buy inventory for a retail store, and more.

Other Questions You May Have About Faire’s New Program

If you’re considering applying for Open with Faire you may have the following questions:

1. Can I qualify for this if I already have an account with Faire? Unfortunately no. Open with Faire is for new accounts only.

2. What if I’m e-comm only? Yes, you can apply, too.

3. What if I don’t have my store location yet? No problem, you can still apply!

4. Is there a credit check/will this affect my credit score? There isn’t a credit check when you sign up. However, be sure to carefully read the terms—I imagine that not paying your invoices on time could affect your credit score.

5. Do I have to use the full $20K? No, you don’t. I recommend spending based on your budget and needs. 

Open With Faire is a Great Way to Buy Inventory for a Retail Store

I’m an affiliate for this program because I genuinely believe this is a good program for starting retailers. It’s something I seriously wish I would have had access to when I started. 

When it comes to buying products for your store, it’s a learning experience and a process. I hope you will always be testing brands, lines, and products to see what your customers love! 

Some buys will flop, unfortunately, so it’s a leap of faith each time you order. As a buyer and store owner, you’ll continue to build your risk-taking muscle when buying inventory for your retail store. 

Affiliate Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you sign up and make a purchase through those links. The inclusion of affiliate links does not influence the content or opinions presented on this site. I only recommend products and services that I believe in and feel will provide value to you. Any earnings generated through affiliate links help support the maintenance, growth, and services provided by Savvy Shopkeeper. Thank you for your support!



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  • [04:54] What Small Store Owners Get Out of Buying Inventory for Their Retail Store on Open With Faire
  • [12:20] What Happens After You Sign Up for Open With Faire
  • [13:09] What Experienced Retailers Think of Open With Faire
  • [15:34] Another Benefit: Educational Content on How to Buy Inventory for a Retail Store
  • [16:07] Other Questions You May Have About Faire’s New Program
  • [17:50] Open With Faire is a Great Way to Buy Inventory for a Retail Store

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