This has been a long time coming!  It’s been months since I blogged, but for good reason.  I spent the past two months learning how to podcast, finding an editor, partnering with a sponsor, and creating “all the things” to get ready for this launch.

Well, it’s finally here – the Savvy Shopkeeper Podcast!

My goal is to provide you with a weekly podcast that’s easily digestible, maybe 20 minutes or so, where I teach you one valuable tool or lesson about shopkeeping.

I have a long-running list of topics that shopkeepers have been asking me for and I’m ready to dive in – I hope you are too!

Episode 1 covers the who, what, where, when, how and why of the Savvy Shopkeeper Podcast.

It’s an introduction to me, the mission of Savvy Shopkeeper and what you can expect from the podcast.

Just like any other entrepreneurial journey, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot, make changes and improvements, depending on your needs…because this podcast is for YOU.

Links to articles or resources mentioned in Episode #1:

If you have feedback or episode suggestions, please use this contact form to send me a message.  If you enjoy the podcast, please subscribe and submit a review.  I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Until episode #2… Be Savvy and Boss Up!

You’ll find the Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast on all these listening platforms: Spotify  Apple  iHeart  Audible  Amazon Music

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