To celebrate 100 episodes of the Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast we are replaying six of the most popular podcast episodes over the next six weeks. These episodes were chosen based on most downloaded, downloaded the most in relation to days published, and episodes that are the most popular with all of you, of course.

I know when I listen to podcasts I am multitasking or I get distracted, so even if you’ve listened to these episodes before I highly suggest you give these episodes a second go because you just might learn something new, or catch something you didn’t hear the first time around.

The 2nd out of the 6 replays is Ep. 85 How to Embrace the #1 Social Media Trend: Video.

I have put so much more effort into this topic since I first published it in October 2020 because each time I’ve taught the concept of the Retail Profit Pie I see the aha moments on the faces of the Shopkeepers. I created a new tool for the Masterclass and recently taught this Masterclass in the Master Shopkeepers group. I plan on releasing this Masterclass and this new tool sometime in the future but I want you all to learn about the basic concept first. And yes, I use a real pie as a business reference!

If it weren’t for all of your support, I would not have made it to100 episodes! Thank you for listening, for writing reviews, and for cheering me on along the way. Thank you for this amazing milestone.

As we publish the six top episode replays, we’ll update the links below!

#1 Podcast episode: Ep. 44 The Retail Profit Pie
#2 Podcast episode: Ep. 85 How to Embrace the #1 Social Media Trend: Video
#3 Podcast episode: Ep. 80 The Dead Inventory Scale
#4 Podcast episode: Ep 3. An Instagram Blueprint for Shopkeepers.
#5 Podcast episode: Ep. 2 How Much do I Need to Make in Sales in Order to Pay Myself? {Sales to Salary Calculator}
#6 Podcast episode: Ep. 42 Women, Stop Diminishing Yourselves


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