Ep. 117 Tools of the Retail Trade

As retailers, we use A LOT of software, tools, and products for our stores. But with so many options and features available, it can really help to see what other retailers are using. 

I’ve recently created a new guide for retailers with all the tools, products, services, and software programs I recommend. Read on to learn more about what’s included and how you can access it!

Why I Created a New Guide

Since the early days of the Savvy Shopkeeper, I’ve had a Resources page on my website. It’s titled Tools of the Trade in my main menu. I created this page to share software programs, tools, and products that are helpful to shopkeepers.

Well, last year, I updated my brand and website.  I loved everything about the site, EXCEPT this resources page. It was full of text, and although it was probably helpful to some extent, it wasn’t AS beneficial as I wanted it to be. 

I knew I wanted to update the resources page in some way. A guide inspired me that Lauren, owner of Restored316, offered her customers. 

Restored316 creates beautiful WordPress themes to help women entrepreneurs and bloggers build a professional online presence. While WordPress isn’t the best option for retailers, it’s the go-to option for non-retail businesses with blogs, and I can’t recommend Restored316 enough!

Not only do Lauren and her team provide beautifully designed website templates, but their support is INCREDIBLE, and their Facebook group is fantastic.

Samantha of Heck Studios helped me design the guide. Here’s what members of The Shopkeepers Lab and Master Shopkeepers had to say once they received it:

“Thank you, Kathy Cruz! This is incredible and will be a great help going forward. One of the best resources I’ve ever seen. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

“Wow—I am blown away by this. Thank you!”

“This is epic!”

“WOW!!! This is amazing! Thank you so much for creating this. This is so helpful!”

What’s Inside the Tools of the Retail Trade Guide

There are 24 pages of recommendations and referrals inside. The categories include everything from bookkeeping software to securing equipment to POS systems to team communication software and everything in between.

There’s a table of contents to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. In addition, there are lots of special offers! Not everything listed is an offer, nor are they all affiliate links. When I share partner, referral, and affiliate links, I make a small commission for recommending them. Trust me, though—my affiliate income is very minimal.

I created this resource to ease the decision-making process for indie retailers. If it’s listed in this guide, shopkeepers already use these products and tools. I wish this had been available to me when I started!

An Example From the Guide: Email Marketing Software

Is it 100% comprehensive? No way. I’m sure I didn’t cover it all, and I’m sure there are other valuable tools and products out there. However, I chose to include the tools I love based on my years of research, experience, and product knowledge. 

For example, page 4 is email marketing. I have Flodesk and Klaviyo listed. These aren’t the ONLY email service providers out there, but they are the two that I believe work best for small retailers.

Flodesk is incredibly easy to use and aesthetically appealing. It’s not an intimidating or complicated platform. For these reasons, I’m confident that retailers can get their email marketing started. 

Is it the perfect email marketing software for omnichannel retailers? NOPE. But getting started with email marketing is the goal, and that’s what Flodesk is best for! You can always upgrade to a more technical or feature-driven platform in the future, depending on your needs.

I mention and share about Klaviyo because MANY retailers use Shopify. Klaviyo integrates with Shopify really well, especially for omnichannel retail. Plus, Klaviyo has some advanced marketing options that other platforms just can’t offer.

So I’ve included these two very different platforms for distinct reasons. They’re both worth mentioning. 

How to Access the Guide

To sign up for my newsletter and get this 24-page guide, visit https://savvyshopkeeper.com/resources

NOTE: Please do your own due diligence before switching or choosing new software, tools, and platforms. Make sure that you actually want and need them, and that they work with any software or equipment you’re planning to keep! As helpful as this guide is, YOU need to determine if the recommendations will benefit your business.

Lastly, don’t print this guide! I don’t want anyone wasting ink. This is a digital resource which means you need to be able to click on the links to visit websites and learn more about each product. If you print the guide, you won’t see the links.

*Please note that some of the links in my guide are affiliate links or referral codes, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link or using the code.

I make recommendations because I believe they are useful to shopkeepers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.



  • [00:41] Why I Created a New Guide
  • [07:55] What’s Inside the Guide
  • [10:17] An Example of What’s Inside: Email Marketing Software
  • [14:31] How to Access the Guide

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