Recently, I was on my weekly email newsletter zoom call with one of my team members, Sam. Sam is the owner of Heck Studios, and we’ve been working together for over a year. Sam hired me for coaching, and I hired her for her design talent. After her coaching ended, we continued to work together because I kept hiring her. 

Sam is also like a little sister to me, as she was our first hire at The Salvaged Boutique six years ago. She’s since moved to Brooklyn, NY, but we remain friends. 

We tend to catch up for the first few minutes when we hop on our weekly call. On a recent call, Sam told me about a series of TikTok videos she published for Heck Studios. One started to go viral, and she was receiving an overwhelming amount of inquiries for her custom embroidered apparel services. 

As Sam told me about the TikTok videos, I noticed her body was literally shrinking. Her shoulders and body posture were becoming smaller as she talked. So I paused the conversation and asked Sam if I could coach her on this. I also asked her if I could press record, and she was in!

Sam spent a lot of time in 2021 working on what she wanted for herself and her business. When this TikTok started to go viral, it was everything she had wished for.

Deep down, we all have desires for our businesses. Sometimes we suppress them. But it’s beautiful when we identify them and then start to manifest it all.

When this happens to you, I want you to ask yourself: 

“How can I embrace abundance instead of cowering back in scarcity?”

And that’s what this episode is about. It’s about being honest with yourself about what YOU really want. And when you start to make it happen, open yourself up to accept all that abundance. It’s a beautiful thing.

Click the play button above to hear the full conversation with Sam.



  • [06:35] Meet Sam
  • [08:08] Sam’s viral TikTok moment
  • [13:56] Working through the overwhelm of 100+ inquiries
  • [18:24] Setting up systems to handle this new facet of Sam’s business

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