I’m hosting a FREE masterclass on Monday, June 27, 2022, at 2 PM EST to help you create a cash flow management system! Masterclass attendees will receive a helpful 10-point checklist to guide them through improving their cash flow systems.

I’m hosting this masterclass for two reasons:

1. There’s a lot of panic about the economy, gas prices, and consumer spending. 

In Master Shopkeepers many retailers are either slightly up or WAY up compared to last year’s numbers. But I understand why some retailers are experiencing a lot of worry, fear, and anxiety about the economy. 

If your sales are dipping, your mindset can take a dip, too. Not knowing what steps to take to manage your cash flow can add to the overwhelm. 

2. In the 2022 Savvy Shopkeeper survey, I asked what your biggest struggle was this year. Many of the responses were variations on the theme of “cash flow,” so I want to help any retailers struggling with this topic! 

To help you prep for the masterclass, let’s look at some of the basics of cash flow for retail businesses.

What Is The Difference Between Revenue And Cash Flow?

Revenue is the money your business makes from selling its products or services. On the other hand, cash flow is the movement of funds into and out of your business’s bank accounts. 

Another way of thinking about revenue vs. cash flow is this: revenue tells you how “successful” you are at selling your products or services. Cash flow shows you how much money you have to keep your business running and invest in future expansion.

What About Profit? 

Profit is the amount left from your sales after you’ve paid for your COGS and expenses, such as rent, utilities, and payroll. 

While profit is an important metric to track, it doesn’t show you the net amount of money moving into and out of your bank account, which is crucial to keeping your business running. 

Cash flow is more critical to track regularly, as it’s cash flow that ensures your business can keep going. 

Why Is Cash Flow Important?

Every business earns and spends cash, so you must understand how vital cash flow is to your company. When you have a cash flow system, you can analyze it and see whether the company generates enough cash to cover its current expenses and debts.

If your business is cash flow positive, it means you have more cash coming into it than you have going out. Alternatively, cash flow negative means your business is operating with a cash deficit. The success of your business is often tied to your ability to maintain healthy cash flow.

This almost makes it sound like businesses are NEVER or shouldn’t be cash flow negative, right?


Cash Flow Crunches In Retail Are Real

No one tells retailers that these cash flow crunches are COMMON, which means that indie retailers often feel inadequate or stressed out when they have a cash flow crunch. Instead of teaching retailers how to manage these times, both mentally and financially, the content out there on cash flow makes many retailers feel like they are FAILING.

During my masterclass, I’ll share examples of common cash flow crunches in retail.

Register For The Cash Is Queen Masterclass Today!

I have A LOT of content on this topic between my free resources and all the lessons I provide Master Shopkeepers members. As I started working on what cash flow means to retailers and why it’s such a struggle, I realized a bit of a roadmap would help. 

This masterclass won’t be your magic pill if you’re experiencing major cash flow problems. However, it will help answer some (or many) of your questions! It may also help explain WHY you feel such a heavy weight on your chest when it comes to this topic in your business. 

Even more importantly, this masterclass will give you ten steps to take to start mastering your cash flow. You won’t find these ten steps on Google—these are the results of years of work, research, and experimenting in my own retail business.

Sorry, registration for this FREE Cash is Queen Masterclass is now closed.



  • [00:53] The Cash is Queen Masterclass
  • [04:25] What Is The Difference Between Revenue And Cash Flow?
  • [05:07] Is Cash Flow More Important Than Profit?
  • [05:48] Why Is Cash Flow Important?
  • [06:57] Cash Flow Crunches In Retail Are REAL
  • [09:33] Register For The Cash Is Queen Masterclass Today!

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