One of the most underutilized yet affordable and EASY marketing tools for retailers is…

…email marketing.

Why is it so underutilized? There are lots of reasons! However, many of the reasons I hear from retailers are mindset roadblocks we put in our own way. 

Read on to learn the top eight roadblocks I hear time and time again—and how to address each one. 

#1. I have to spend more time on social media/I don’t have time for email after doing my social media.

The noise and influence of social media are STRONG. There’s a reason why we’re addicted to our phones—social media is literally designed to suck us in! 

As retail business owners, we get on autopilot with our marketing efforts. In other cases, we get caught up in FOMO and pressure ourselves to show up on social media. 

I’m ALL for retailers putting effort into social media, but there’s so much more to marketing a retail business than social media!

#2. I don’t feel comfortable asking customers to sign up.

In our minds, it’s easier to get people to follow us on social media. They just click on the follow or like button. 

With email marketing, though, there is an ASK involved—and this makes us uncomfortable. That’s why getting subscribers can feel a bit more challenging. 

Not to mention that email inboxes are considered sacred places (I know mine is!). Many consumers just won’t give their email address up unless they are, or have the potential to become, LOYAL customers. 

#3. Selling is spammy. 

Retailers tend to lean into the old 80/20 social media rule because selling “feels spammy.” However, this fake rule teaches you to sell LESS and, in my opinion, disempowers you as a retail business owner. 

Selling isn’t spammy—it’s you providing VALUE to your customers. The only way selling can come across as spammy is when it’s not authentic! And as the heart-centered, passionate, and kind retailer that you are…I can’t imagine your selling being inauthentic. 

#4. It’s not worth my time.

We mistakenly think there is no or little ROI to email marketing, but boy, are we mistaken. 

I can write four emails WAY faster than I can batch 30 posts or reels or TikToks. Plus, I’ve seen up to 44% MORE revenue in my retail store in the week following an email compared to other weeks. 

#5. I don’t want to bother my customers. 

I struggle with this idea, too. I certainly don’t want to bother my customers. Instead, think of it this way: if someone signs up for your emails, it’s because they WANT to hear from you! 

By sending an email, you’re helping them. You’re sharing new items, telling them about events, offering fun promotions—and again, providing VALUE to your customers. 

#6. I’m bad at tech stuff.

I want you to stop telling yourself you’re bad at tech stuff! The more you practice this belief, the more you won’t take bold action with ANYTHING tech related. 

No one is instantly good at anything, so I encourage you to go slow and learn the tech part. Once you’ve got it down, you’ll think of it as easy! 

#7. It’s too hard.

I promise it isn’t. Do you need to learn some things? Yes, for sure. Are there helpful tips and tricks? Yep, definitely. But it is NOT hard.

#8. I don’t know what to say.

SURE YOU DO—you say it every day in your store! You actually say many things over and over again naturally; you just haven’t realized that it can all translate into email, too.

The Savvy Shopkeeper Email Marketing Challenge

A few episodes back, I asked if any of you would be interested in participating in an email marketing challenge, and many of you said YES!

For the month of August, I’ll be hosting live Zoom classes every Monday from 3-4 PM EST. There will be a 15-minute Q&A after class for any questions you may have, and challenge participants will have 60 days of access to the recordings of these classes.

So, why a challenge? 

After having taught the Retail CEO Challenge for three years, I’ve learned that many shopkeepers want and need ACCOUNTABILITY. 

Joining a challenge like this one means you’re putting skin in the game WHILE getting the support and education you need from me. 

You’ll be inspired and motivated by seeing other challenge participants take action, too. Plus, the bingo part is just fun! Did I mention the bingo card?  

Sign up today to get:

  • ME teaching you live every week on Zoom and answering your questions.
    • Week 1: Getting Started
    • Week 2: Create a Plan & Design
    • Week 3: The Writing & Layout Process
    • Week 4: Strategies & Advanced Techniques
    • Week 5: Automate, Systematize & Delegate
  • Access to the video replays for 60 days
  • A bingo card to download, print and track your weekly progress. For every line you can cross off, you’ll get one entry.
  • Those Entries give you the chance to win some fun prizes!

If you sign up before July 23 at 7 AM EST, you’ll also get a bonus email subject line generator JUST FOR RETAILERS. This resource blew the minds of some of my group members when I ran this challenge for them!

Who is this challenge for?

This is for any shopkeeper who wants to put more effort into email marketing, especially before Q4!  

It doesn’t matter what stage of email marketing you’re in. Whether you’re a newbie, a sporadic user, or a consistent emailer, everyone who participated in the Master Shopkeepers version of this challenge got value. 

Who is this challenge not suited for?

This challenge isn’t for the shopkeeper who may require a lot of tech help. With such a wide range of email and e-commerce platforms out there, I can’t teach tech tutorials for each one. 

However, this didn’t stop any Master Shopkeepers member from participating in the original challenge. In fact, I think the challenge motivated them to learn, watch youtube tutorials for the software they use, and make loads of progress! And honestly, once you stop telling yourself you’re “not good” with something, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can conquer this fear.

Ready to knock down those roadblocks and GROW both your list and your revenue? Visit to sign up. Join us by 7 AM EST on July 23 for the special subject line generator bonus!



  • [06:01] #1. I have to spend more time on social media/I don’t have time for email after doing my social media.
  • [07:32] #2. I don’t feel comfortable asking customers to sign up.
  • [08:34] #3. Selling is spammy. 
  • [09:23] #4. It’s not worth my time.
  • [10:40] #5. I don’t want to bother my customers.
  • [11:16] #6. I’m bad at tech stuff.
  • [11:42] #7. It’s too hard.
  • [12:07] #8. I don’t know what to say.
  • [12:38] The Savvy Shopkeeper Email Marketing Challenge

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