Each year, I survey the Savvy Shopkeeper community to learn more about you, your struggles, and how Savvy Shopkeeper can better help you on your shopkeeping journeys. 

I get to know our group members pretty well, but the survey gives me an opportunity to learn more about podcast listeners and email subscribers too! 

Let’s dive in to this year’s survey results.

Survey Results

84% of you are brick-and-mortar store owners. This part wasn’t surprising to me, but what did surprise me is how many of you are makers, too. Running a retail store and making products is no small feat!

Half of the survey respondents have been open less than five years, and the other half more than five years!

23% of survey respondents generate half a million or more in annual revenue. This was really insightful—some of my content will be shifting because of this insight.

The next question I asked was, “Are you pleased with your revenue?” It was pretty evenly split: ⅓ are happy with the revenue their business is generating, ⅓ are not, and ⅓ feel like they are getting where they want to be.

My next question was about where shopkeepers currently need education and support. Last year’s biggest response was Strategy and Growth. This option still came in 2nd, but the #1 response for 2022 was Marketing. 

I think Marketing was the #1 choice because I specified “getting foot AND online traffic.”. Ecommerce is new to many of you. You want to increase your online traffic and, of course, online orders, but foot traffic can be a struggle, too.

Almost everyone who responded listens to the podcast, so thank you. Really. The podcast now averages around 15,000 downloads per month, and I’m so glad you’re listening! 

Facebook and the podcast are the top two ways that you found Savvy Shopkeeper. What was pleasantly surprising is that the 3rd place option was “a friend or someone else in your life recommended Savvy Shopkeeper.” This means a lot to me! Thank you for telling your friends about Savvy Shopkeeper and growing our community.

The last question on the survey that I want to mention is a question where I asked, “I currently offer group memberships and an in-person retreat. What else do you wish I would offer to help you and your business?” 

I am paying particular attention to this one. I won’t share the results for now, but short courses/programs like the Retail CEO Challenge came in 2nd. 

Email Marketing Challenge

I decided to offer the Email Marketing Challenge because of your interest in more short courses and programs. It’s aneasily digestible program that will give you results! 

I’ll be teaching live on Zoom every week for five weeks, I’ll answer your questions, and you’ll get specific email marketing tips just for retail business owners. 

The cart for the Email Marketing Challenge is closing on Saturday, July 30, 2022. The challenge starts on August 1, 2022!

So if you want to learn how to use email marketing, have some built-in accountability and put more effort into this aspect of marketing your retail business, sign up and join us!

Members of Master Shopkeepers had some fantastic results when I ran this challenge for them. Here’s what they said:

“Oh my gosh. Kathy! Can I tell you how flipping motivated [I am] after one of your lessons. My head is swimming with ideas! I’ll be asking for input as soon as I get it together.😝” -Lisa B.

I had a customer walk in and purchase an item that she saw in my email sent on Tuesday 🙌” -Savannah R.

“I’m playing catch up on the calls, but I sent out my mid-month email this week and had 3 people sign up for workshops right away, so that’s a win for sure! And my list has been growing very consistently.” -Monica M.

“Woo! Watched the replay and finally set up and sent my first email to my list. Ka-pow! I just did a little intro for the first one, and it was scary, but it’s done! I’ve grown email lists for my other business, but this is the first one for the shop, and it feels good to have that checked off. Yay! Thanks for the push, Kathy!” Heather C.

“Kathy Cruz, you have created a monster. I have become obsessed with Klaviyo and am coming up with so many ideas for flows and segments. And my day started off amazingly when I woke up to another order that was a first-time order from someone who signed up with the welcome code! It works — it really works!!” -Samantha P.

“I think the email challenge has been my most favorite thing ever!” Dani M.

“I love that it scaled well regardless of our starting spot… [the Email Marketing Challenge] worked for each of us and created space to find motivation and inspiration from each other, again, regardless of starting point. That’s the mark of a good program, yeah?” -Ceri O.

Join the Email Marketing Challenge before the cart closes on July 30, 2022!

Other Feedback From the Survey

I really appreciate all of the additional comments, thoughts, and suggestions you shared with me in your survey responses.

For instance…

If I hadn’t found your podcast, I probably would have given up by now. You inspire me to keep working hard, change things and lean on other shopkeepers, so I can be successful down the road. Thank you, Kathy, for building an amazing group of people and business so we can learn and grow together ❤️“

“Love your podcast, and I’m just beginning to dig into all of the resources that you offer. The info and encouragement you provide are invaluable! Thank you.”

I have learned so much just by being a part of the [Shopkeepers Lab] community…you have been a great help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I am a huge fan of your podcast! I have checked out other ‘retail’ podcasts, but nothing is as good as yours. I especially enjoy the calm and clear way you speak, which makes listening a highlight of every week for me! You help reduce my anxiety and give me the confidence to keep moving ahead with new tools and ideas to improve how I operate my business and adjust my mindset. Keep them coming, Kathy!”

One thing I was genuinely surprised by was that several of you asked to shadow me at my store! I have considered offering VIP days—where I’d spend one full day answering a shopkeeper’s questions, setting up systems, reviewing financials, etc. You all have my mind racing with new ideas!

How to Connect With The Savvy Shopkeeper Community

Quite a few of you asked me to cover specific topics on the podcast. I can only do so much in a 20-minute podcast, but that’s why there are two group memberships available! 

Many of the topics you requested are already available inside the group memberships, and so many of the questions you have are answered in our Facebook groups. Ask any group member, and they’ll tell you the search box alone in the groups are gold mines of information.

And if you think I give a lot on the podcast or the blog, I give 10-20x more in my group memberships!

It’s important to note that our group memberships are NOT stage-based. You might think that ONLY Retail CEOs can  join Master Shopkeepers, but truly, your stage doesn’t matter. It’s how much support and engagement you want that will be the deciding factor between joining the Shopkeepers Lab or Master Shopkeepers.

The Shopkeepers Lab is self-directed: you ask questions in the group when you want AND you take in the lessons when you want. 

In Master Shopkeepers, you get much more of me, including opportunities for hot seat coaching sessions, plus more group connection on Zoom calls and more in-depth content (plus territory protection!). 

Marketing Resource for Shopkeepers

Since marketing was the top area that shopkeepers asked for support on this year’s survey, I wanted to remind you about my 72-page ebook, Get Your Retail Business Noticed. It’s just $19 and is jam-packed with ideas for getting more foot and online traffic for your retail business.

Thank you AGAIN for taking the time to complete the survey. I read each and every response, idea, suggestion, and comment! This community grows each year because of your willingness to share honest feedback and insights with me.



  • [02:12] Survey Results
  • [07:46] Email Marketing Challenge
  • [12:49] Other Feedback From the Survey
  • [15:36] How to Connect With the Savvy Shopkeeper Community
  • [19:52] Marketing Resource for Shopkeepers

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