Ep. 136 A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats with Brittany Taylor of Redoux Home Market

As a people person with a passion for numbers, Brittany had always dreamed of owning her own business. With five years of experience as a certified public accountant in hand, Brittany was ready for a new challenge: purchasing an existing vendor shop. 

Listen in to learn Brittany’s best tips for running a vendor market, how she keeps her financials clean, the key employee that contributes to her store’s success, and what she’s learned from being in Master Shopkeepers. 



  • [01:31] Brittany’s background as an accountant
  • [05:01] How Brittany purchased her vendor market
  • [08:59] The social media strategy Brittany uses as a vendor market owner
  • [12:46] The must-know financial details if you’re considering buying a store
  • [18:54] Brittany’s monthly process for keeping her financials clean
  • [24:57] How having a stager contributes to Redoux’s success
  • [31:56] What Brittany envisions for the future of her store
  • [36:51] Why Brittany loves being in Master Shopkeepers
  • [42:47] Brittany’s best advice for vendor store owners

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