Finding a planner that meets the needs of independent retailers has been a struggle for far too long.

I’ve heard countless shopkeepers tell me that they’ve tried planners only to find out they don’t offer what they need…and then the planner ends up in the garbage, with both money and paper wasted. 

I get it. I’ve done that, too! I’m not a big planner person, but I did receive one as a gift that I NEVER used. I thought it would help me with my business, but it didn’t have anything in it that was tailored to my business. I didn’t use one bit of it, which was sad—it was a really lovely planner!

My Search for the Perfect Planner for Retailers

Since putting that planner in the bottom drawer of my desk, I’ve been searching for the perfect planner for retailers, and so have all of you. 

Every so often, a group member posts asking for “the best retail planner out there.” They’re usually met with crickets. Plenty of group members offer alternatives or other ways they plan instead, but never a real solution.

I’ve tried creating other solutions, too. Years ago (when I didn’t have the information I have now or the resources I needed to create a planner), I started offering the Savvy Shopkeeper Planning & Tracking Worksheets. They were something I made for my own store because I was working on setting up systems, and I was happy to offer them to group members. 

I still LOVE the worksheets, and many of our group members and Retail CEO Challenge participants appreciate them (more on this in a minute). But I knew shopkeepers were looking for MORE. 

Introducing the Savvy Shopkeeper DIGITAL Planner!

Earlier this year, I started toying with the idea of a paper planner (shoutout to Katy of Shout host of the She Makes podcast and owner of Mosaic Makers Collective—she’s a Master Shopkeepers member who helped me at the beginning of the paper planner journey). 

My gut kept telling me that a paper planner wasn’t the solution. And then, I had an aha moment! 

Six months later, I’m excited to announce the first Savvy Shopkeeper DIGITAL Planner!

What a Planner Can Do for You

In Episode 139, I shared a few things that no one teaches us about planning. But the one thing I didn’t mention was that planning is meant to help you GROW.

Put simply: a planner is where you can document the past so you can plan for the future. 

That’s why GROWTH is the word on the cover of this beautiful, inaugural planner. It was designed by Samantha, a Savvy Shopkeeper team member and founder of Heck Studios, who has poured just as much passion and hard work into this project as I have! 

From speaking and working with hundreds of shopkeepers like you, I know that you want to grow as a person, as a small business owner, and as a retailer. 

To grow as a person, we need to declutter our brains, build good habits, and block out time for the people we value FIRST.

To grow as small business owners, we need to plan in advance.

And to grow as retailers, we need to look at our financial and inventory data.

This planner brings all the information, tools, and calendaring systems we need into one place. It’s the perfect tool to help you to commit to YOU and your goals.

Why the Savvy Shopkeeper Planner is Digital Rather Than Paper

I know there’s a big divide between paper lovers and digital adopters. Here’s why I chose to make a digital planner rather than a paper version.

#1. The Planner Starts in October

I can’t have you waiting until January to grab a new planner and start your new year. If your store needs a refresh, you need to be prepared with new inventory, and it CANNOT wait until January! January is already slow for shopkeepers—why make it worse by not being prepared?

#2. Digital = Modern

We are not wasting paper over here. Plus, the editing and creative possibilities are ENDLESS with a digital planner! You can copy, paste, drag, drop, highlight, change pen colors, change the pen’s thickness, and use fun stickers! There’s even a bundle of 150 shopkeeper stickers that you can add to your planner for just $9.

#3. It’s Not “Just” a Calendar

This isn’t “just” a calendar. It’s a multi-purpose BUSINESS TOOL. You get the Savvy Shopkeeper worksheets, multiple calendar options, an area for journaling, monthly and quarterly checklists, and more. You can plan, track, set goals, document your progress, journal, and build out your systems all in ONE planner!

#4. It Goes Wherever You Go

Because of its digital nature, your planner can sync through the cloud to multiple devices. You can have it on your phone, tablet, and computer—and never worry about it being out of date or forgotten at work. 

Plus, it’s private and safe behind the passcode on your devices, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else taking a peek. 

#5. It’s Lightweight

Through my research, I learned that many of you already use a tablet on a daily basis. That means that the planner is one less thing to carry!

#6. It Has Built-in Accountability

When you buy the Savvy Shopkeeper Digital Planner, you’ll get an email at the beginning of every month and the beginning of every quarter. I’ll share a helpful tip and nudge you to get into and USE your planner.

Planners usually don’t come with support or accountability. But small business owners CRAVE accountability! That’s why the challenges I host—like the Email Marketing Challenge and the Retail CEO Challenge—get such great results. I want you to get great results from using your planner, too.

#7. Multiple Layouts

Some of you prefer a monthly calendar, some prefer a weekly calendar, and some prefer a daily calendar. Daily calendars are hundreds of pages, though, so it would be difficult to make a paper planner with daily pages that isn’t too heavy, expensive, or wasteful. 

But I CAN offer a daily planner with a digital version. The planner has 549 pages!

#8. It’s Customizable

With the digital planner, you can delete or duplicate the pages that matter to you. In most paper planners, you’re kind of stuck. 

I completely understand that some of you love your paper planners, but paper planners just aren’t flexible enough. And you can still get the paper-like feel on a tablet! There are screen protectors/films that give you the feel of writing on paper. I talked about a couple in Episode 138

#9. It Comes With Step-by-Step Instructions

If you’re new to digital planning, fear not: the planner comes with a start-up guide! You’ll know exactly what to do to set up and use your planner. 

#10. It’s for ALL Retail Store Owners

I didn’t just focus on just one type of indie retailer when creating this planner. I made sure that there are helpful pages for EVERY type of retail store owner! No matter what type of store you own, this planner will help you grow.

Get Your Planner Today!

Ready to start planning? Visit to get your 12-month all-in-one business tool. You can purchase the planner is $97, and there’s an option to get the sticker bundle for $9.

If you’re a current group member, be sure to go into the Facebook group and get your code for 25% OFF.  I’ll have the code pinned at the top of the group under the announcements/feature area at the top of the group’s discussion feed.

So, are you in? 

Are you in for 12 months of planning…with me beside you on the journey (via email)? 

Are you in for 12 months of committing to yourself and your business? 

Are you in for GROWTH? 

Then let’s do this!


Digital Note-Taking Need-To-Haves

  • iPad 10.2 64 GB, $275
  • Apple Pencil 1st Gen Apple Pencil 2nd Gen, $69-129: I got the 1st generation Apple Pencil, but if you have an iPad Pro I recommend getting the 2nd generation as there’s no cap, and it charges magnetically.
  • GoodNotes app: the free version allows you to have three workbooks, or you can pay $10.99 for unlimited workbooks.
    • Unfortunately, GoodNotes doesn’t work with Android phones or tablets. Based on my research, NoteLedge, Xodo, or Samsung Note might be good alternatives. If you know otherwise, or if you’re an Android user and know of other digital note-taking solutions and apps, please DM me on Instagram and let me know what you use!

If you’re an Android user, you can use a Samsung Tablet, Samsung stylus and an android-friendly note-taking app.


  • Cover with pencil holder, $22
  • LIKE: Paper Feel Screen Protector, $11: this is a film you place on your iPad screen that gives you the “feeling” of writing on paper. NOTE: this one is okay, but I don’t love it!
  • LOVE: Paperlike Screen Protector $49.99: This is a bit of an investment but worth it! This screen protector makes it feel like I’m writing on paper. It’s way better than other versions I’ve tested.


  • [03:35] My Search for the Perfect Planner for Retailers
  • [05:58] Introducing the Savvy Shopkeeper DIGITAL Planner!
  • [08:18] What a Planner Can Do for You
  • [13:03] Why the Savvy Shopkeeper Planner is Digital Rather Than Paper
  • [21:57] Get Your Planner Today!

*Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links or codes, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. I make recommendations because I feel they are helpful and useful to shopkeepers, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something through my links or codes. Please do not spend money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

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