Anne was set to take over her father’s consulting business when he retired. But another idea nagged at her: opening, running, and scaling a retail store. 

Anne’s dream took off quickly, with her first location turning a profit in her second year of business and her second location opening soon after. While growing Peachtree Street, Anne continued parenting her three children on her own. 

Listen in to learn more about Anne’s journey, how she balances single parenthood with shopkeeping, and how Master Shopkeepers has supported her through it all. 



  • [02:09] How Anne became a shopkeeper
  • [07:27] Anne’s original vision for Peachtree Street & how it’s evolved
  • [11:53] How Anne balances shopkeeping & single parenting
  • [20:29] The future of Peachtree Street
  • [22:01] What Anne loves about being in Master Shopkeepers
  • [27:05] Anne’s best advice for new or aspiring store owners

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