Social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You just need a road map. It doesn’t matter what stage or type of retail business owner you are – my Instagram Blueprint for Retailers is simple and easy!

In this episode, I cover…

  1. Your mindset around social media
  2. How to stay consistent with posts
  3. Tips on engagement
  4. Instagram Stories
  5. Tagging (hashtags, tagging and geotagging)

If you’re new to Instagram it can feel overwhelming, I get it. Grab my simple Instagram Blueprint worksheet and listen to this podcast episode to help you get started…

You won’t even hear about Instagram Reels in this episode or on my free worksheet! Baby steps, right?Until the next episode, be savvy and boss up!

If by some chance you’re ready to dive in MUCH more with Instagram. I offer a 3-part video lesson with a full workbook and lots of helpful tips for paid members of the Shopkeeper’s Lab!

And if you want to listen to an episode about Instagram Reels, listen to Episode 45 of the Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast.

Links to articles or resources mentioned in Episode #3:

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