In this episode of the Shopkeeper Stories series, I had the pleasure of speaking with Taylor, owner of The Turquoise Top Hat in Stevensville, Michigan. 

Before the Bob-Ross-style “happy accident” that led her to open The Turquoise Top Hat, Taylor was a school teacher. She still uses her teaching skills today at her wooden sign painting workshops. 

We also chatted about what Taylor has done to pivot her business during COVID-19, as well as her experience as a member of Master Shopkeepers. 



  • [00:41] How Taylor started her store
  • [02:24] Shopkeepers are never alone
  • [03:34] How Taylor’s first career helps her be a better shop owner
  • [06:11] Taylor’s shop: part workshop, part retail 
  • [10:03] Taylor’s favorite part of shopkeeping
  • [12:22] What it’s like to be a member of Master Shopkeepers
  • [17:08] What Taylor sees for the future of her shop

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