In this episode of the Shopkeeper Stories series, I chatted with Karen, shopkeeper at Alluv Place in Brentwood, California. 

Her unique journey from maker to shop owner includes opening Alluv Place just weeks before California went into quarantine due to COVID-19.  

Karen shared her experience working with a business partner, her core business values, and what she has learned during her time as a member of Master Shopkeepers.



  • [00:40] Introducing Karen & her store
  • [02:09] Karen’s journey to becoming a shopkeeper
  • [09:44] Opening Alluv Place during COVID-19
  • [12:55] What Alluv Place offers
  • [19:24] Working with a business partner
  • [22:49] Joining Master Shopkeepers & what Karen has learned 
  • [30:52] How to find Alluv Place on social media & the web

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