This episode of the Shopkeeper Stories series features April, owner of Pink + Frillos in Greenville, Michigan. 

April started her business from her basement, then moved to a 1900 sq. ft. storefront in a less than ideal location. Her customers drive anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours to shop at her store! 

Now, she and her husband are opening their next venture: a working apple orchard with a coffee shop, tavern, and shop space.

April shared her journey as a shopkeeper, her plans for her expanding businesses, and how Master Shopkeepers has helped her succeed over the past year. 



  • [01:01] April’s shopkeeping journey
  • [08:57] Getting customers to come to a less than ideal location
  • [17:09] Opening a second business
  • [21:45] Why April joined Master Shopkeepers
  • [27:10] What April loves about shopkeeping
  • [31:01] April’s vision for her businesses

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