In the final episode of the Shopkeeper Stories mini-series, I spoke with the Master Shopkeepers member who asked me to do the series in the first place: Kathy, owner of Pineapple on Main in Dublin, Pennsylvania.

Over the past few years, Kathy’s brand has evolved from an event design company to a home, gifts, and baby goods store. She shared about all the ups and downs of buying her first round of inventory, expanding to two locations then back to one, and dissolving a business partnership.

Lastly, Kathy talks about what she’s learned from Master Shopkeepers, how this community has supported her, and gives her best tip for having a successful retail business. 



  • [01:20] Kathy’s journey as the owner of Pineapple on Main
  • [04:18] Naming the business & the significance of the pineapple
  • [05:44] Transitioning into a second location
  • [09:15] What Kathy sells at Pineapple on Main
  • [10:47] How Kathy became comfortable buying inventory
  • [14:44] Kathy’s process for building relationships with vendors
  • [18:27] Why Kathy joined Master Shopkeepers
  • [20:03] What Kathy has learned as a Master Shopkeepers member
  • [27:11] The future of Pineapple on Main
  • [30:08] Kathy’s best tip for a successful brick and mortar store

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