Ep. 4 How Retailers Can Increase Their Average Sale

You’ve heard it before. Sales mark success. How do you measure sales? By tracking. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to be done consistently.

Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast Episode 4

The most important metric to track is your “Average Sale”. It’s a simple formula. Knowing this number will empower your sales efforts tremendously.

In this episode, I go over three things:

1.    What is “average sale” and how to calculate it

2.    Recommendations on how to boost your average sales

3.    Resources through the Academy on a foolproof way to do it, and the tools to use.

If you subscribe to the Learning Library in The Academy  (this is a yearly paid membership where you get access to an entire library of online classes, lessons, and downloads). You will have access to the Shopkeeper’s Planning worksheets – several of these are for tracking metrics.  Be sure to grab them in the General Operations section. If you haven’t joined yet, click “Enter As A Guest” and sign up!

Links mentioned in Episode #4:

Until the next episode, be savvy and boss up!

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