On the 50th episode of the Savvy Shopkeeper podcast, I interviewed the retail equivalent of a household name: Becky Tyre. Known for her incredible skill as a visual merchandising consultant, she’s also the host of the Retail Details podcast. 

Becky shared her own story, starting with a job at Disney World. After work each day, Becky loved to stroll down Main Street and enjoy the masterful store displays. Her time at Disney sparked her love of visual merchandising, and to this day Becky follows some of Disney’s visual merchandisers on social media. 

Becky went on to train retailers at Federated Department Stores (now Macy’s) before becoming a consultant for independent retailers. She started with a blog so she could share the beautiful displays she saw in the retail world. Now, as the host of Retail Details the Podcast, she shares shopkeepers’ stories as well as actionable tips and insights from her decades of experience. 

She shared several gems with the Savvy Shopkeeper community, too—including what she’s seen retailers do well during the pandemic, two simple changes to make our stores more accessible, and her best tips for attending large market events. Be sure to listen in and soak up all of her wisdom! 



  • [01:43] How Becky became a visual merchandising consultant
  • [11:21] What brick and mortar stores are getting right
  • [15:18] Two common mistakes that store owners are making
  • [20:23] How to create a beautiful store display
  • [25:25] Why changing course was and is so important for retailers during the pandemic
  • [32:18] Tips for attending a market event 
  • [37:53] Becky’s final words of wisdom

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