After sharing four shopkeeper stories last year, I’m excited to highlight four more incredible shopkeepers from the Savvy Shopkeeper community. 

First up is Miriam, owner of Coco Jolie in Engelwood, New Jersey. Miriam always loved creating in the kitchen but found herself in two other careers before going back to culinary school. 

She shared the winding journey that led her to open Coco Jolie, her best advice for starting out at farmer’s markets, and how the Master Shopkeepers community rallied around her when things got tough.



  • [02:40] Miriam’s journey to opening her chocolate shop, Coco Jolie
  • [10:18] How Miriam started out in the farmer’s market scene
  • [13:14] Jumping to a brick-and-mortar space
  • [16:57] How Miriam’s background in digital marketing has influenced her brick-and-mortar business
  • [21:17] The different revenue streams in Miriam’s business
  • [27:14] Why Miriam loves being a member of Master Shopkeepers

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