Many of the shopkeepers we’ve interviewed have been in Master Shopkeepers for a year or more. Bren, though, is a newer Master Shopkeepers member and a new shop owner. She opened Plantstay in Gainesville, Florida just seven months ago!


After working in marketing for companies big and small, Bren knew she wanted to venture out on her own. She established a customer base through pop-up events before opening her 1000 square foot space in September 2020. 

Bren shared how the pandemic helped her business boom, why she keeps her online and in-store inventory separate, and how the Master Shopkeepers group helps her brainstorm. 



  • [02:25] Bren’s journey to opening Plantstay
  • [08:58] Why Bren chose to separate the online and in-store inventory of her shop 
  • [13:05] How the pandemic helped Plantstay grow
  • [18:30] How Bren’s family supported her independent retail business
  • [21:45] Why Bren chose to join Master Shopkeepers 
  • [25:52] Where Bren envisions Plantstay in five years 

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