There are shops of all sizes in the Savvy Shopkeeper community, but one of the largest clocks in at 12,000 square feet! 

Christy started out in a smaller retail space of 4,000 square feet before expanding to her current location, plus storage container and warehouse space for extra inventory.

In today’s interview, Christy shares why she loves owning a furniture business, how she delegates critical tasks like marketing and merchandising, and why she’s been a part of Master Shopkeepers for two full years.



  • [01:42] Christy’s shopkeeping journey
  • [08:56] How Christy learned to order inventory and take risks
  • [13:59] Managing a warehouse, storage containers, and retail space
  • [16:17] How Christy brings new customers to her store through advertising
  • [20:18] Why Christy has been in Master Shopkeepers for two years
  • [21:54] How Christy anticipates the future of Miss Daisy’s Home and Decor
  • [24:45] Delegating merchandising to help her business grow

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