This week’s Shopkeeper Story comes from someone near and dear to my heart: my best friend of 30 years, Katsie!

Katsie never considered herself a maker. But when her boss wanted custom-etched glasses for the company’s holiday party, she found herself learning a new skill.

Now, Katsie regularly sells wholesale to retailers, at market events, and to individuals who want a beautiful custom gift.

Katsie shared what makers should consider before taking on custom orders, why she continues to reinvest in new equipment for her business, and what she has learned as a member of the Shopkeepers Lab.


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  • [01:58] The holiday party that led Katsie to start Rough Around the Etches
  • [10:56] What makers should consider before they do custom work
  • [13:18] Why Katsie continues to reinvest in her business
  • [15:44] The decision-making process that led Katsie to do wholesale orders
  • [20:49] How Katsie sees Rough Around the Etches growing in the next few years
  • [23:58] The key lesson that Katsie has learned in the Savvy Shopkeeper community

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