Now that the holidays and 2020 are coming to an end, have you assessed your remaining inventory? Now is the perfect time to prepare to run a Facebook Clearance Live event. An event like this can give you a nice “cash injection” AND clear out stale merchandise! The best part is that you don’t need any special software to run a Facebook Live clearance event. You just need a plan!

BONUS: Scroll down to grab a downloadable Facebook Live Clearance Event checklist!

Inventory & Prep

Look through your inventory. What stale merchandise do you want to sell so your shop has a fresh start heading into Q1? These items might be the “onesie” and “twosies” that are leftover from past seasons, or the categories of merchandise where you overbought or it may even be some items that weren’t selling as quickly as you’d hope.

Whatever you pull for the clearance event, you want to make sure you number each item! Numbering each item will help you tremendously while you are live on Facebook. Your customers who are watching the Live event can then comment with the number of the item and their email address, so you can invoice them once the sale event ends.

Event Info & Marketing

Choose a date and time and promote this in your email marketing and across ALL of your social media platforms. Depending on how many units you’ll have for up for sale, make sure you communicate how long the Facebook Live will go for just in case your customers can’t make it at the exact time you start.

Set up some rules and make sure these are clear when you promote your Facebook Clearance Live event. These rules will let your customers know if you will ship, deliver, or do curbside pick-ups. Not sure whether to run a targeted ad or boost a post? Read more about that here.

Team Players

Besides promoting your Facebook Clearance Live event, think of the helpers you’ll need to assist you. Not only will you need to be the amazing host for the Facebook Live but you will also need help with managing the sales via a spreadsheet or a document, answering questions and comments, and displaying the rules throughout the live event. Don’t forget about packing up and shipping (if you offer this) the items! If you’re selling hundreds of items and want this to run efficiently, you might need some extra hands for this as well.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re able to do a practice run in your store, this will be extremely beneficial. Make note of your audio, your equipment setup, lighting, how often you show your rules on camera, and even your choice of clothing, if you use a ring light, dark solid clothing is best! If you have a place to place your phone while you do the Live Event, no equipment other than your phone is needed! But if you need a tripod, click here to buy my favorite and affordable tripod with ring light kit!

Running a Facebook Clearance Live event will not only generate a great cash injection into your business, but it’s a great way to stay safe this holiday season, reconnect and have fun with some of your customers!  Sign up to get your one-page checklist!

Want The Full Video Lesson?

If you want more of the in-depth details and instructions (and believe me – there’s WAY more in the lab!) you can join The Shopkeepers Lab to access the full video lesson and many more lessons that are invaluable. 2021 is right around the corner and The Shopkeepers Lab will help you tackle mindset, prepare your business for the new year, help you prepare to start hiring, give you marketing ideas so you can get your business seen, and continue to generate revenue even during these challenging times.

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  1. For various reasons I have to close my shop. I have inventory and some painted furniture items. Do you feel this is the best way for me to end my business? I’m so upset I can’t think straight and need to make a move soon.

    1. Hi Ann, I’m so sorry you have to close your shop and I apologize for the delay in responding. A Facebook Live sale would be a good way to clear out merchandise, especially now due to Covid. Just be very clear about your terms, for example: local pick-up only, all items must be picked up in 7 days, invoices must be paid within 24 hours, etc.

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