Financial Foundations

Financial Foundations for the Brick & Mortar CEO, “Learn the tools to profit more

Monday, July 6, 1:00 PM EST – 3:00 PM EST

You run a beautiful brick and mortar retail business that feeds your soul and fulfills all your dreams. You’ve been making consistent sales. But you know you could be making more profit, making more money, and perhaps even working without the high stress.  

You haven’t had the time, and frankly you’re not certain where to even begin. You wanted to run an awesome business, not go to business school.  Welcome to the best of both worlds – The perfect shop combined with foundational skills that will take you from surviving to thriving in your shop!

What would it feel like to

  • Pay yourself every month
  • Make enough profit to actually cover all of your expenses every month
  • Be in control of the money in your business
  • Have your business support your personal dreams
  • Be the confident CEO of your Brick & Mortar shop

It’s ALL possible, with my new class, Financial Foundations for the Brick & Mortar CEO, “Learn the tools to profit more.” I’m teaming up with Sarah Nemecek (financial confidence coach, CEO & founder of WE Profit Foundry, and former Brick & Mortar store owner) to show you exactly how to get started!

Here’s why I do this work!

I knew I had to call my friend Sarah to create Financial Foundations for the Brick & Mortar CEO, “Learn the tools to profit more” with me because the classes we taught on cutting expenses and understanding your P&L have been some of the MOST popular courses in my Master Shopkeepers Mastermind.  We couldn’t keep this incredibly valuable information a secret from shopkeepers who haven’t joined the mastermind yet. 

I knew the women in the mastermind were not alone in their struggles with the fear, shame, embarrassment, and simple lack of experience with looking at and understanding their business numbers. These highly successful and ambitious shopkeepers were killing it with most parts of their business, but couldn’t find the answers they needed on how to be a better business owner and take their businesses to a higher level of profitability and financial success.

Through Savvy Shopkeeper, I have been helping shopkeepers just like you tackle the fundamentals of the brick & mortar retail business for 5 years and running my own shop for 7, and I struggled to find and learn this same information, especially in a way that spoke to me specifically as a brick & mortar shopkeeper. 

Once I figured it out, my business started making much more predictable revenue, consistent profit, and I was able to pay myself EVERY month. Our store has completely supported itself and created enough extra money to keep growing each year with yearly bonuses too!

By learning these fundamental tools I understood exactly how to stay updated with my bookkeeping, how to analyze the information my accounting system provided, how to create a budget that actually worked for me, and how to make key business decisions without the drama. 

And, when I teamed up with Sarah from WE Profit Foundry, with her business school training, financial experience, and 8 years of entrepreneurial experience, I’ve really honed my own understanding, so that I truly enjoy the financial side of my business today. I want to share that with you.

“I have had a few aha moments (like when the P&L statement I was struggling to start suddenly all made perfect sense).”  – Charlotte

Financial Foundations for the Brick & Mortar CEO, “Learn the tools to profit more” is your solution!

Here’s how it works:

Sarah and I have taken the best parts of our classes, added some additional information, and jam packed it all into a supercharged, high value, no fluff 2 hour masterclass to give you the fundamental financial tools for your business.

  1. Understanding your profit and loss statement – what it is and why it is one of your most powerful business tools. 
  2. Learning key retail metrics and benchmarks for understanding your expenses and how to cut them when necessary.
  3. Using the P&L and expense deep dive to plan your year, set goals, and create a budget.
  4. We’re even including a sample P&L statement for brick & mortar business and details on exactly how to read it and apply it to your budget.
  5. AND we’ll answer all of your questions LIVE at the end of the class.

As a bonus, Sarah is also including a super useful workbook to use during and after the class to guide you through analyzing your own numbers, creating a budget, and staying on track with your numbers.

Bring your pens and pencils because you are going to want to take notes. We recommend either logging into your accounting system or printing out a P&L for your business before you join the class so you can make your own calcs and apply the work to yourself as we work through it in class.  

And plan to listen to the replay at least once.  It’s that good!

P.S. we are NOT selling anything during or after the masterclass. This truly is a stand-alone class packed full of our most valuable information for brick & mortar shopkeepers.

After this class, you’ll be able to:

  • Approach your business numbers with confidence each month
  • Read a profit & loss statement
  • Calculate gross margin and net margin
  • Set realistic goals based on data for your business
  • Create and modify a meaningful budget that actually works for you
  • Analyze your shop’s performance
  • Make informed decisions with confidence

All of this for only $79.

“I feel much more comfortable with my financials and the CARES Act. Thank you Kathy and Sarah.”   -Elisa

Got Questions?

Here are some of the most common questions I receive. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

Question 1: Do I need to have a bookkeeper and use an accounting software system to take this class?

You absolutely do not need to have a bookkeeper or fancy systems set up to take advantage of this class. In fact, this class can be useful in helping you learn how you want to set up your system to give you the most value. And you can use what you learn here to either interview potential bookkeepers or understand how to work with your existing bookkeeper easier.

Question 2: Should I bring my own P&L to the class? What if I haven’t updated my books recently?

If you have a recent P&L, definitely print it and bring it to the class. It can be very useful to see your own numbers as we walk through examples and explain calculations that help you understand the meaning behind your numbers. 

If you haven’t updated your books recently, that’s ok, too. Bring what you have and work from there. The knowledge you gain in this class may actually help you feel more confident and motivated to do your bookkeeping (we have heard it does from some of the women in the mastermind).

Whether you have your own financial data in front of you or not, definitely bring paper and pen for notes because we are sharing so much in this class.

Question 3: What if I’m just starting out with my shop and I haven’t actually set up any bookkeeping system and don’t have a P&L yet?

That will not stop you from gaining value from this class. In fact, you’ll learn exactly what a brick & mortar P&L would look like and gain insight into the types of accounts you may want to use and how you want to track information in your bookkeeping to be most useful to you. If you haven’t started yet, this will help you start out with a more clearly defined path.

Question 4: I find the financial stuff really intimidating and I get overwhelmed by it quickly. Is this a class I could actually handle?

This class is designed by two brick & mortar shopkeepers for the business owner who doesn’t have any business / finance / accounting background. We specifically avoid a lot of jargon, give you plain English explanations for the common jargon you’ll encounter, and we even tailor every piece of the class to exactly the types of transactions, revenue and expenses that brick & mortar shops have, using specific examples from real stores.

“The P&L video was extremely helpful in getting us organized in the beginning.” – Karen

Are you ready for this transformation?

We’re only offering this online class on Monday, July 6, 1:00 PM EST – 3:00 PM EST for an introductory price of $79, sign up now so you don’t miss out.  We recommend catching us live so you can ask your own questions. If you can’t attend at this time or if watching a class a second time helps you digest the information, you will be able to access the workbook and watch the replay in the Shopkeeper’s Academy after we teach the class.

All sales are final, as this course is delivered online and there is no physical product. We firmly believe you will get incredible value from the masterclass if you apply what you learn. You will get extra value if you tune in live to participate in the Q&A session.