Your Shopkeeping Journey Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely

Independent Retailers are craving connection and helpful information
that’s specific to running a retail brick and mortar business.

You know what?

I’ve been in your shoes..

I’m Kathy Cruz, Founder & CEO of Savvy Shopkeeper. I also felt lonely, uneducated, misinformed and sometimes clueless when I started my own store in 2013.

I craved valuable lessons to help me and my business grow, friends to cheer me on and a community to be inspired by but I couldn’t find it.

So I bossed up and became a Retail Business Coach. I now lead a group mastermind for brick and mortar retail business owners just like me, all while still running a home decor store with my sister in Ohio!


A Territory-Protected Mastermind
Just for Indie Retailers

Let’s get down to business

With over 24 modules in the Shopkeeper’s Academy, you’ll find retail training that’s right for you. Here are 6 of the modules that our group members love:

Kathy, you teach, encourage, and challenge us all each day. I know that before being a part of the group I truly had no clue what I was doing. Now I have a clue and I’m getting a handle on running a real business!!
Master Shopkeepers


Payment Option #1 Monthly Payments $110/mo.


Payment Option #2: Yearly Payment $990
(SAVE $330 – A SAVINGS OF 25%!)

*One Year Recurring Membership

Private Facebook Group
A community filled with Brick + Mortar Retailers
Access to the Shopkeeper’s Academy
Access to the Shopkeeper’s Worksheets
Kathy’s Coaching + Guidance
Over 40 Previously Recorded Masterclasses
Previously recorded Topic-Focused Group Calls
Territory Protection (You are the only member in the group within 10 miles of your store)
Monthly Group Calls on Zoom
30-Minute Hot Seat Coaching Opportunities with Kathy

NOTE: In order to join Master Shopkeepers, click on the Apply Now button above. We’ll review your application, if you agree to the terms and if your territory is available (there are no other members in the group within 10 miles of your store), you’ll receive an email invite to subscribe and join!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about Master Shopkeepers here!

This is a recurring yearly membership. You can choose to pay monthly or for the full year at a discount. Your membership automatically renews every month or every year depending on the payment you choose.
YES. This is for B&M retailers and by application only because each member is provided with 10 miles of territory protection. If/when accepted, you are the only retailer within 10 miles of your store. You’ll find gift shops, home decor stores, apparel, coffee shops, vintage, antique, consignment, vendors stores, a fine chocolatier, lifestyle stores, salon owners and MORE in this group!
Members can cancel anytime before their yearly renewal by completing our simple cancellation form in the member portal (The Shopkeeper’s Academy).
Both! The more you show up and participate, the more value you get out of the group. The same applies to the content in the Academy. Content is organized by 24+ topics (modules) with over 300 lessons/resources. TIP: Use the search box in both the Facebook Group and the Academy to find helpful information using specific keywords.
Kathy will send an email with onboarding information and she hosts a new member group call every 4-8 weeks on zoom and you’ll be invited to join! During. the call, Kathy will walk you through all the resources and guide you on how to best navigate group membership. Watch your mailbox too! Kathy ships a welcome packet to all new members.
This is completely up to you! Group calls are one of the most helpful and valuable assets to this membership so I do recommend joining when you can, however the pace and the amount of time you spend in the group or in the Academy is up to you! Topic-focused group calls and masterclasses are recorded, general group calls are not.
Watch your email inbox! You’ll receive an email from with instructions on how to join the group and how to login into our member portal, The Shopkeeper’s Academy. NOTE: Please check your spam or junk folders if you don’t receive an email from us within 24 hours.
Not at all! It’s smart to join before you open. Having access to experienced shopkeepers and all the resources in the Shopkeeper’s Academy will speed up your process for setting up systems and growth.
Still unsure? Click HERE to schedule a quick chat with Kathy to help you decide.
The content in the Academy is not a step-by-step course. It’s an additional resource for mastermind members. It’s a vault of information where you can browse modules by topic or search keywords and find , written lessons, digital downloads (worksheets, workbooks, etc.), video lessons, previously recorded masterclasses, podcast episodes and recorded group calls on the topic you’re searching for.
Legal business partners can join at a discounted rate of $495/year. If your location has individual business owners, separate applications and separate memberships will be required.

Note: The Shopkeepers Lab Group Membership closed in 2022 and is no longer available.