You’re a Growing Retailer!

With a team to support you and your income goals within reach, you’re ready to be the visionary leading your business to new heights.

You’re getting this shopkeeping gig down pat. There’s room to grow and potentially even scale your business, especially with the systems and team you’ve built here to support you. 

What will help you get there are SYSTEMS plus a solid Operations Manual and a really solid grasp on your financials and data.

You’ve been able to effectively delegate to your team members—or even better, hired each one for a specific set of tasks based on their skill sets.

Once you nail this down, you’ll have the space to think about what comes next for your business. 

Whether that means scaling with new locations, moving to a larger space, or designing your own product lines, you know you’re ready for the next step. 

It’s most likely time to hire a full time Manager and/or delegate more of the system documentation to your team!

So how can you find the right path for your store AND you?

Think about your vision for your business.

Do you want to expand your business with a larger space or a second location? If you make your own products, what about creating new product lines? Are you interested in adding a unique component to your business, such as delivering workshops or offering a service? 

 There’s no right or wrong answer. Just opening your mind to the possibilities can help you create a clearer vision for your future.

Delve into your numbers so you can plan accordingly.

You already know the basics of your store’s financials. Now it’s time to work on projections and strategize for more growth. Consider hiring a CFO to help you navigate your future financial decisions.

Let’s get real: you’re already the boss of your brick-and-mortar, but some extra guidance from someone who’s been in your shoes couldn’t hurt. I’m here to empower you every step of the way.

Hi there! I’m Kathy Cruz.

Before my sister and I opened our retail store, the Salvaged Boutique, Google search after Google search quickly proved that there just weren’t enough resources out there for brick-and-mortar shopkeepers. 

I kept finding myself in groups for digital entrepreneurs and reading stuffy articles meant for corporations, so I  spent hours upon hours learning through trial and error.

I founded Savvy Shopkeeper with the idea that all Independent Retail Business Owners should have access to resources specifically created for their business. I’m proud to guide and support retailers with an insight-filled podcast and a powerful mastermind & group coaching program for brick and mortar store owners.

No matter where you are in your shopkeeper journey, my mission is to help you work less, profit more, and GROW your retail business.

Curated Resources for Growing Retailers

Having a clear, up-to-date operations manual makes running your store so much easier. Your operations manual simplifies training, reduces errors, and outlines the efficient and consistent customer service you want your team to deliver.

Figuring out what to put in an operations manual can be daunting, though—there’s a lot that goes into running your business! The Retail Operations Roadmap has 20+ categories to include in your operations manual and space to brainstorm your own.

Master Shopkeepers

Master Shopkeepers is the place to learn the retailer-specific skills you need! 

With an active, kind, and encouraging community of indie retailers to support you, territory protection, and coaching from Kathy, Master Shopkeepers is where you learn to work less, profit more, and grow.

P.S. This is just the beginning.