Inspire your customers this holiday season!

A Holiday Gift Guide is a powerful marketing tool for retailers during the holidays or any peak season in your retail business. It allows you to showcase your products and inspire your customers!

A winning Holiday Gift Guide is thoughtfully curated and marketed. Include some of your best selling products, share about your retail business, tell stories, promote your services, advertise your events and share helpful information for a well-rounded Holiday Gift Guide.

This 28-page Canva Holiday Gift Guide template was designed with brick and mortar retail store owners in mind. The template offers multiple page styles for a variety of retail business models.

This Gift Guide can be used for any peak season in retail, not just the Holidays during Q4. So have fun with it and use it throughout the year to help inspire and wow your customers!

Canva is a free and easy-to-use graphic design software that’s great to use for creating social media posts, presentations, flyers and more for your retail business.

This 28-page Holiday Gift Guide includes pages for highlighting products or categories of products, events, services, tutorials, sharing stories, store hours and more! You can add your own pages or delete pages too.

After purchasing, you’ll receive an email with a 2-page Instruction PDF that includes a simple link to the Canva template. Click on the button to add the 28-page template to your Canva account and you can get started on your Gift Guide!

In Canva, you can change colors, fonts, and images. You can add or delete pages and you can add website links to direct customers to your online shop or website.

Once you customize your Guide in Canva, you can download it as a PDF document. Share the PDF via email, on your website or anywhere you can share a digital product that your customers can download. They can view the Guide on their phone, tablet or computers and click on links that you add in your personalized guide.


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