I love a good DIY Project.

Especially if it saves us some money at The Salvaged Boutique, the home decor boutique I co-own with my sister.

Earlier this year we were preparing for a Summer Sale Event.

The Salvaged Boutique Summer Sale Event

We wanted to offer something a little different so I thought we could offer fun scratch-off cards for customers shopping with us to get a discount.

After doing a little bit of research online, I found paying to have scratch-off cards custom made wasn’t in our budget.

So I decided to make them myself!  Why not?

We chose to offer discounts ranging from 5-15% and one special person would receive a 25% discount.  You can customize this for your business and event.

Want to make your own scratch-off cards?  I’ll show you how!

Supplies you’ll need :

  1. Canva (open a free account)
  2. Card Stock
  3. Printer
  4. Gold Scratch-Off Stickers – you can purchase here: Gold Stickers OR Silver Stickers.

How to design the card in Canva:

  1.  Click on “Create a design”
  2.  Choose custom size:  3 x 5 inches
  3.  Design your card – add your business name, event title, event date, a disclaimer, graphic elements to match the style of your event
  4.  Add a circle where you will place your gold stick:  Click “elements”, “shapes”, and add the free outline of a circle (size 90×90 or smaller)
  5.  Now duplicate the design (see image below, select the duplicate simple to copy your design) and add your customized percentages to each card design.  We had four total cards:  5%, 10%, 15% and 25%

Scratch Off Card Duplicate Design Button

How to print your cards:

  1.  Download each card individually from Canva;  Choose “Download” and then instead of selecting “Download all pages”, I chose to download each “page” individually.  So, I saved 4 designs.
  2.  For each design, you can print up to 4 to a page on 8 1/2 x 11 paper which makes it ideal for printing on your home printer
  3. Cut the cards with a cutting machine or scissors

scratch-off tickets printing 4 to a page

How to add the gold sticker:

  1.  Use a pair of tweezers or razor blade (if you’re comfortable – just be safe!) to lift the gold sticker from the sheet.  I recommend using something that will lift the sticker from the bottom.  The gold surface scratches easily so you want to avoid using anything sharp on the surface of the sticker
  2. Place the gold sticker over the circle area.  Gently use some pressure with your fingertip to adhere the gold sticker to the cardstock

The day of your event:

  1.  Place your cards in a basket
  2.  When a customer comes up to your register, have them pick a card and give them a coin so they can reveal their discount!

How to make your own Scratch-Off Cards

Kathy from Pineapple on Main, used this tutorial to make these gorgeous scratch-off cards for one of her in-store events!  Aren’t they great?

Pineapple On Main Scratch Off Card

If you make these for your event, I’d love to see photos!  Please share and tag me at @savvyshopkeeper on Facebook or Instagram!

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  1. This is an AWESOME idea!! I am going to try to get our small businesses to do this for Small Business Saturday!
    Thank you!!

    1. It’s always a big hit with customers! I’m glad you like the idea – and it’s so easy to do too! Good luck with your event.

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