Market the heck out of your shop NOW before Small Business Saturday comes along.

Want the most successful Small Business Saturday sales day ever?

Don’t wait any longer, start promoting it today!

Here’s a checklist of things you can do (Note – many of these ideas could also apply to promoting Black Friday or Cyber Monday):

  • Create an Event on your Facebook Page.  Click here to read about the value of Events on your Facebook Page.
  • Write a blog post or send an email to your email list.  Need help growing your list?  Click here.
  • Create free graphics or GIFs on Canva to share ALL OVER social media.  Not skilled at GIF-making, then use the free GIF video that American Express provides:
the salvaged boutique small business saturday Facebook cover photo from american express
  • Create giveaways just for your event and promote them!  For example, we’re offering discounts, we’re giving away the American Express #shopsmall totes, and for anyone who spends $100 on #smallbizsat, they’ll get one of our handmade Cleveland skyline ornaments.  They can also purchase online here and we’ll be sure to promote this too.
the salvaged boutique cleveland skyline handmade ornament
  • Use Flyers and custom_save-the-date cards that come with your American Free Downloads – HAND them out now or place one in every bag as customers shop between now and November 25th.
  • Post every 1-3 days in the Discussion section of your Facebook Event.  Share a little tidbit about your Small Business Saturday event.  Are you serving hot chocolate or cookies?  Are you giving away the American Express #shopsmall totes? Remind those interested in your event why they should stop in!
  • Go Live on Facebook and tell your followers all about the day and your event!  Live videos get the most engagement on Facebook right now.  Just go for it and then be sure to post/upload it to your page once the Live video ends.
  • Do you have a mailing list?  Mail a postcard to your list, but do this soon.  Small Business Saturday is almost here.
  • Boost your Facebook Event or create a targeted Facebook ad to promote it all!  What’s the difference between boosting or creating a targeted ad?  Click here to find out.
  • Run an ad in a local paper.  If a small local newspaper is featuring Small Business Saturday or holiday shopping this may be an affordable option to reach people around you.
  • Write a press release and get it out to your local media outlets.  Make sure you mention WHY the event at your shop is so great.

You get the picture.  Now is the time to really push WHY people should stop by your business or shop online on Small Business Saturday.  Entice them with promotions and giveaways.   Don’t be afraid to post something different every day – and post on ALL of your platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

Most importantly, get the word out!

stand out on small business saturday

Have another idea, please tell me about it!  I’ll be happy to add it to the list.  Or comment below.

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