I think I may have manifested the perfect Vision Board Workshop.

Savvy Shopkeeper Vision Board Workshop

Power of Vision Boards

If you believe in the power of vision boards for business or life, then you know it involves manifestation.

“Whatever you focus the majority of your attention, emotion, awareness, and energy on is what will become your reality.”

I don’t mean to get all woo-woo on you but I listed my first Savvy Shopkeepers event 2 months ago.

I knew from my past year’s experience with journaling, that there is power in putting things down on paper and making them visual.

As business owners, we often don’t take the time to envision our future or dreams.  So I wanted to offer a creative, yet practical workshop for people who want to focus on their upcoming year or future.

The workshop

On October 7, 2018, I hosted my first Vision Board.  I had four attendees, 3 of them were small business owners an ALL of them came prepared to do some mindful work.

Savvy Shopkeeper Vision Board Workshop

(Above:  Maureen of All Spelled Out and Melanie of Mind Your Strength Coaching)

The attendees immediately hit it off.  I loved that one of the attendees, Maureen of All Spelled Out, suggested they turn their chairs around so they could all chat and engage more.

Prior to the workshop, I sent all of them an email with some helpful instructions and recommendations.  I also asked them to give me two words that resonated with them for 2019 and I printed all of their words out in a script font and on vinyl so they could include the words on their boards.

(Above:  Jennah of Blue Loui Studio‘s Vision Board)

I provided them with a framed corkboard, a printed workbook that they could take home with them, plenty of magazines and catalogs to cut from, pastries and a beverage station.

Savvy Shopkeeper Vision Board Workshop

After I went over the content in the workbook, I asked them a series of questions and then the fun, creative part began!

Each board was unique and a work-in-progress, as was mine.  Each board was different in style and design and the entire morning was a relaxing and fun experience.  The best part is we all plan on staying in touch in 2019 to see how much of our visions become reality.

Savvy Shopkeeper Vision Board Workshop

I look forward to teaching another vision board workshop in January!  Date to be announced.  If you’re interested, please comment below or contact me.

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