A Life & Business Tool For Retail Store Owners

2023-2024 Savvy Shopkeeper
Digital Planner

The cart is closed! We’ll launch the 2024-2025 planner this summer!

Retail business owners don’t plan to fail.
They fail to plan.

But it doesn’t have to
be this way…

Get ready to grow your business
by getting ahead and focusing on what’s important!

You can plan like a retail boss!

This is a system to help you work ON your business. You are planning, tracking, setting goals, strategizing, journaling, AND building store systems all in ONE place!

This isn’t just a calendar. This is a LIFE & BUSINESS TOOL. You get the Savvy Shopkeeper worksheets, multiple calendar options, journaling pages, monthly and quarterly checklists AND more!

retail store planner

Do you scramble to get things done and experience FOMO when other stores market their fun events or fantastic product lines?

Do you make panicky decisions or drop the ball on parts of your business?

I’ve been in your shoes.. and there is a better way.

In fact, I co-own a home decor store in Ohio with my sister!

As a store owner and retail business coach, I have mentored hundreds of retailers through my group membership and I’ve worked with dozens of 1:1 clients. I’ve learned that store owners don’t give themselves CEO time and they don’t plan in advance.

However, these two skills are habits that CAN be formed and help a retail business grow! I know, because I learned them!

But retailers struggle in this area without a system or tool to help them. That’s why I created the Savvy Shopkeeper Digital Planner.

What is a digital planner?

It’s a planner you use with a tablet and stylus. I use mine with an iPad and Apple Pencil!

What you get with your purchase

  • Get Started PDF Guide – you’ll receive a guide with step-by-step instructions to help you get started!
  • The Digital Planner! This is a 560+ page PDF document that you’ll upload into your digital note-taking app.
  • Calendar Options! A variety of 12-month calendar options that all start OCTOBER 1, 2023 – you get daily, weekly AND monthly calendar options. So no matter your planning style, you have your favorite calendar type to work with!
  • Strategy, Tracking and Operations Worksheets – in the planner you’ll find a bundle of worksheets to help you run your retail business!
  • Monthly and Quarterly checklists – to help stay on top of your to-do lists!
  • And more! After purchasing, check your email inbox for an email from us – you get immediate access to the planner!
retail store planner
Ready to achieve great things?

Start planning NOW for 2024!

Why a DIGITAL planner?


Most of us already own and use our tablets on a regular basis. Why carry a tablet AND a planner when you can combine them? You don’t have to worry about added weight or for that matter privacy because you can lock your tablet – you can’t lock a paper planner.


Imagine printing a 500+ page planner. That’s a lot of paper! Digital note-taking and planning is one way to contribute to sustainability. Personally, I have saved hundreds of pieces of paper already by making the switch.


No more erasers, white out or scratching out mistakes and errors. Put something on the wrong date or did you reschedule a meeting? With digital note-taking, you can erase, copy and paste, drag and drop and so much more!


Even if you don’t carry your tablet with you all the time, you can still access your planner from your phone, desktop, laptop or any other device that can sync with the note taking app you use. I use Goodnotes and constantly use the app on my phone to find info in my notes and planner.


Personally, I love bullet journaling and I’ve always been attracted to stickers. Well, you don’t have to miss out on the fun parts with digital planning! You can change pen colors and writing thickness, you can even highlight, add images and use digital stickers!


This one is truly revolutionary! If you’re a traditional note taker or journaler, you probably have dozens of paper notes, sticky notes or journals scattered all over. You can never find where you wrote that “one thing”, right? With digital planning, you can use the search field to find keywords!


Are you ready to commit to yourself and your business?

2023-2024 Digital planneR $127

A 550+ page Digital Planner to help you get organized, create systems for your business and plan ahead!

retail store planner

optional Add-on:
digital stickers $12

I know many store owners are creatives at heart. So have fun with your digital planner and grab this ALL NEW 2023 bundle of 140+ digital sticker (different than last year!). Stickers that are custom designed with retail business owners in mind because planning doesn’t have to be dull and boring!

Here’s a recap of what’s in the digital planner:

  • PLANNER + GET STARTED GUIDE: you’ll receive two pdf files – the planner itself to upload into your tablet AND a Guide to help you get it set up for digital planning!
  • CHECKLISTS: Pre-filled and Blank Monthly and Quarterly planning checklists that remind you to do some important tasks in your biz
  • TABS: Top and side tabs to help you easily navigate and jump to certain parts of this value-packed planner
  • CALENDARS: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly calendars for a full year starting October 1, 2022, with holidays and retail dates
  • JOURNAL: Blank journaling pages to help you declutter your brain and reflect
  • YEAR-END REPORT: So you can document important metrics and information to summarize 2022 for your business
  • SAVVY SHOPKEEPER WORKSHEETS: Strategy, Tracking and Operations worksheets to help you with your retail business
  • SOCIAL MEDIA IDEAS: A monthly list of holidays and national days plus other social media post ideas for retailers
  • NEW in 2023: 3 NEW WORKSHEETS + Calendar blocking sheets and Week-at-a-glance worksheets too!

Have more questions? We have answers!

A tablet, a stylus aka digital pencil and a digital note- taking app. Be sure to research the best options for you first but here are two combinations:
Apple Users: iPad, Apple Pencil and GoodNotes app; Android Users: Samsung Tablet, Samsung Stylus and the Samsung Notes app or GoodNotes app
The planner is NOT ideal to write on with just a phone

I won’t say never, however, I don’t see this happening anytime soon. One big challenge with paper planners is the ability to offer daily calendar pages. This digital planner offers DATED monthly, weekly AND daily calendars making it over 500 pages and that would make for one extremely bulky paper planner!

You sure can! I love the sustainable feature of the digital planner however I’ve had some retailers tell me that they will only print out what they need and put the pages in a binder. Do what works for you!

It’s for all types of Independent Retailers! Gift shops, home decor stores, handmade businesses, vintage & antique stores, furniture stores, monogram businesses and everything in between. Not only does it offer pre-filled monthly and quarterly checklists but we also included blanks so you can customize your own.

Planning is a commitment to YOURSELF. I suggest adding a reminder in your phone or blocking time once a week so you commit to using the planner on a regular basis. The planner is an incredible tool but YOU are the magic in this equation.

I get it, I love it too! But switching from paper to digital note-taking is one of the best things I’ve done. There are screen protectors you can buy that give you the feel of writing on paper. For example, Paperlike is one brand!

NOTE: This planner is over 550 pages because we wanted to give shopkeepers ALL options for calendar pages. This planner has dated monthly, weekly AND daily calendar pages! The 12-month calendars start on October 1, 2023. I know it’s not traditional, but it’s ideal if you finishing planning Q4 AND start planning for the new year NOW!

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