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A retail business podcast for brick and mortar store owners!
I know how busy you are so I keep these episodes short and sweet – 20 minutes or less!
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Recently on the Podcast…

  • Ep. 161 How To Turn A Slow Season Into Profit
    Hitting a slow season in retail can be disheartening, especially for indie retailers. It’s easy to get discouraged when sales are down! But instead of focusing on the lack of sales, let’s consider how to make the most of your slow season—and what you can do to profit during it….
  • Ep. 160 Surround Yourself With Big Thinkers and Action Takers
    The people you surround yourself with constantly influence everything you do, from the clothing you wear to how you run your business to what beliefs you hold!  And while you can counteract some of this subconscious conditioning with your thoughts, it’s hard to do that if you don’t recognize the…
  • Ep. 159 When Old Habits Lead To Burnout
    Every once in a while, I dive deep into vulnerability with an episode about something I’ve been experiencing. Why? Not because I want to! UGH. When I do, it’s actually incredibly uncomfortable.  But I do it because I can relate to so many of you and what you might experience….

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