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A retail business podcast for brick and mortar store owners!
I know how busy you are so I keep these episodes short and sweet – 20 minutes or less!
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Recently on the Podcast…

  • Ep. 216 Build Your Leadership Strength with Shelli Warren of Stacking Your Team
    Between an upcoming leadership month in Master Shopkeepers and wanting to share how I’m learning to lead the Savvy Shopkeeper team, leadership has been top of mind for me. That’s why I was so excited to chat with Shelli Warren, the founder of Stacking Your Team. After a 25-year stint…
  • Ep. 215 What I Learned From The 2024 Savvy Shopkeeper Survey
    From plugging your retail profit leaks to scaling your indie retail business, this year’s Savvy Shopkeeper survey covered a bit of everything.  I’m excited to share the results with you, especially because it might show you what’s possible for your store.  I’m also sharing how you can attend my upcoming…
  • Ep. 214 How to Buy Inventory for a Retail Store: Open with Faire (NEW Program)
    If you’re an Aspiring Shopkeeper, figuring out how and where to buy wholesale inventory is a crucial step towards opening your store’s doors. Luckily, there’s a program that makes it super easy to curate, order, and buy inventory for a retail store: Open With Faire.  Built by one of the…

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