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A retail business podcast for brick and mortar store owners!
I know how busy you are so I keep these episodes short and sweet – 20 minutes or less!
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Recently on the Podcast…

  • Ep. 171 Protecting Your Retail Business With Nicole Swartz of Sprout Law
    After graduating from law school, finding a traditional 9-5 position, and hating it, Nicole Swartz decided to forge her own path as an entrepreneur by starting a beauty brand. Two years in, she received a cease and desist letter for her brand’s name and had to change everything overnight.  She…
  • Ep. 170 Get Your Shopify Point-of-Sale Questions Answered
    When faced with a business-impacting decision, we usually turn to our trusty friend: Google. But there are some questions that even Google can’t answer. Especially when it comes to the intricacies of the technology that runs our stores. If you’ve been considering the Shopify point-of-sale, though, I’ve got good news….
  • Ep. 169 The Shocking Brick and Mortar Retail Business Metric
    It’s all too common for retailers at all stages to feel confused, frustrated, and disheartened—especially when it comes to how much they can pay themselves. But most retailers don’t realize that their success, growth, and take-home pay come down to a single metric: their net profit.  Let’s learn what net…

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