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A retail business podcast for brick and mortar store owners!
I know how busy you are so I keep these episodes short and sweet – 20 minutes or less!
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Recently on the Podcast…

  • Ep. 210 A Natural Disaster Relief Program & Tips for Retailers by Heart on Main Street
    Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters are on the rise. Thankfully, Heart on Main Street is there to support independent retail businesses when disaster strikes.  After growing up on the wholesale side of retail, Patrick Keiser founded Heart on Main Street to provide indie retailers with the resources, tools,…
  • Ep. 209 Too Many Tabs Open On Your Laptop? Five Tips for Web Browser Efficiency
    Our laptops are not only an extension of our physical workspace, but often an extension of our minds. Digital clutter in the form of tons of too many tabs and multiple windows can bog us down. But there are ways to increase your web browser efficiency—and just as with other…
  • Ep. 208 Five Takeaways From Attending AmericasMart As An Observer
    After many years of attending AmericasMart as a buyer, this year was my first time attending as an observer. It was fascinating to chat with members of the Savvy Shopkeeper community, spot market trends, and be a fly on the wall at showrooms! In today’s episode, I’m sharing my five…

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