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I know firsthand how it important it is to use software, products, tools, and resources that genuinely help my own retail business run smoothly and efficiently. This 24+ page guide lists many of the tools I use in my own retail business, plus a variety of other helpful recommendations by other shopkeepers!

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Kathy Cruz

I’m a retail store owner and retail business coach who has a passion for helping other retail business owners succeed!

I help independent retailers work less, profit more and grow through group membership programs and 1:1 coaching.

Recommendations & Referrals Matter!

This downloadable guide has over 60 recommendations of tools, software, and products for retail businesses! From Point of Sale systems to email marketing to store displays to bookkeeping & payroll recommendations and everything in between! Many of the links in this guide include special discounts, coupon codes or offers for shopkeepers.

I hope you find this list helpful!If you have a recommendation that isn’t on this list, please contact me and tell me about it.

We can waste time doing research and countless Google searches or we can learn about the tools that work for our stores… because other retailers recommend them!

-Kathy Cruz