You’re a Retail CEO!

You’ve got a business that runs like a well-oiled machine. With your systems, team, and revenue to support you, you’re ready to enjoy the ride, scale more, or try something new.

With a solid financial foundation, a team that supports you and systems in place, you feel like the confident boss you are.

At this point you have a team of 10 or more team members supporting your business, along with a warehouse or storage space for merchandise and displays.

You’ve implemented systems and have gotten your processes fine-tuned, especially your hiring process. Nice work!

Your manager(s) and team have taken on all of the day-to-day tasks, which leaves you free to do the higher-level work of scaling, expanding, and leading.

If you know you want more for your business but you’re unsure what your next step might be, then it’s time to consider higher-level support for your business, like a business coach, CFO, or both.

And if you’re at the end of your shopkeeping journey it might be time to consider your exit strategy.

So how can you figure out what’s next for your established, successful, and ready-to-scale store?

Think about your big-picture vision for your business.

Set aside some time to brainstorm every possible path you might want to explore with your business, including scaling your business or starting another retail store. Or what about selling your business for a profit? 

 There’s no right or wrong answer. Just opening your mind to the possibilities can help you create a clearer vision for your future.

Hire professionals to support you as you scale.

You already have a team of 10 or more employees. Now is the time to hire professionals to guide you as you continue to scale.

Consider bringing on a CFO, a human resources and compliance manager, a business coach, and legal counsel to support you as you make decisions about the future of your business.

Let’s get real: at the Retail CEO level, you’ve got everything under control, even though you don’t always think you do—so some extra guidance and support couldn’t hurt.

That’s why I’m here to empower you every step of the way.

Hi there! I’m Kathy Cruz.

Before my sister and I opened our retail store, the Salvaged Boutique, Google search after Google search quickly proved that there just weren’t enough resources out there for brick-and-mortar shopkeepers. 

I kept finding myself in groups for digital entrepreneurs and reading stuffy articles meant for corporations, so I  spent hours upon hours learning through trial and error.

I founded Savvy Shopkeeper with the idea that all Independent Retail Business Owners should have access to resources specifically created for their business. I’m proud to guide and support retailers with an insight-filled podcast, two incredible membership levels, one-on-one coaching, and a powerful community of shopkeepers rooting for each other. 

No matter where you are in your shopkeeper journey, my mission is to help you work less, profit more, and GROW your retail business.

Curated Resources for Retail CEOs

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P.S. This is just the beginning.