Faire Referral Program for Makers and Retailers

What is Faire?

Faire is an online marketplace that helps retailers find and buy unique wholesale merchandise for their stores.  It also offers makers/brands an opportunity to sell and market to thousands of retail store owners.

For Makers:

Once Etsy Wholesale closed there weren’t many platforms available to makers to sell wholesale direct to retailers.  Well, now there’s Faire.  It’s a platform for makers to sell their products.
Faire is growing in popularity and I know of many makers who are getting substantial orders and generating lots of revenue through Faire.
Becoming a brand on Faire will help you grow and streamline your business. Over 60,000 independent retailers come to shop Faire’s marketplace to discover new products and to take advantage of risk-free terms.
Tip: If you’d like to sell on Faire, click here to apply to be a wholesale vendor! 

For Retailers:

If you’re a retailer looking for an online platform to order unique and handmade items, Faire might be ideal for you.

“Faire is on a mission to revolutionize the way retailers shop for their stores. We take all the pain out of buying for store owners. Retailers can come to Faire to find unique and exciting products from hundreds of makers all in one place. We have also created the first wholesale marketplace to offer free returns. Our goal is to make every item in your store a bestseller.”

When my sister and I opened our brick and mortar store in 2015 we had NO retail experience and we certainly didn’t know about the buying process.

We took our first trip to AmericasMart in 2017 but prior to that, we did all of our buying online or through local vendors.

We love to support handmade artists so when Etsy Wholesale came along we were ecstatic.   But that didn’t last long.   Then Faire (formerly known as Indigo Fair) launched and our ability to buy from many makers in one place was available again. YES!

Get $100 off your first Faire order

Faire has some perks for your first order:

  • Your opening order with each maker is eligible for free returns, up to 60 days from the date of order
  • Shipping is free on your very first order with Faire – order from as many makers as you like
  • If you qualify, Net 60 payment terms are available for all of your orders

If you’re a Retail Store Owner, What do you need to do to open an account?

The application to join to buy on Faire is simple, but be prepared to share the following information which verifies you are a retail store:

  • First and Last Name
  • Store Type
  • Email Address
  • Store Name
  • Years in Business
  • Annual Sales
  • Documentation  (EIN and/or Reselling License)

They even have an app!  Click here if you have an iPhone and want to download the app.

Whether you’re a maker or a buyer, click HERE to get started on Faire!

If you use the referral link, my sister and I receive a credit on Faire and we truly appreciate it.*

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